‘I Love My Job’: ‘Everyone Brings Their Best’ and We Are Passionate and Always Eager to Help

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Shujie Zhu Loedolff

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Welcome to I Love My Job, the series where we hear from real women who really love their jobs. In this edition, we sat down with Shujie Zhu Loedolff, the Director of Partner Success at Netskope, who has been with the company since September of 2021.

“Netskope, in a nutshell, is security for everything —  protecting people and data,” shares Loedolff. At Netskope, she runs the partner success function and leads a team of partner technical account managers and partner success managers who are working with partners globally.

Throughout the company, “everyone brings their best and really has a level of passion and commitment to improve,” Loedolff tells us. Netskope employees, “bring the projects we are working on to a much better space. That really motivates me, makes me happy about working here and makes me want to do my best.”

In essence, “what I love about working at Netskope is really the people I work with,” Loedolff shares.

In the video below, Loedolff shares more on why she loves working at Netskope. We also provide lightly edited highlights from the video discussion in the following article.

What’s an exciting project that you’re working on at Netskope?

A project that I'm working on with my team is launching the service delivery specialization program within the EVOLVE partner program of Netskope. This is a really exciting effort to formalize a quality standard and framework for our service delivery partner programs. 

How would you describe the culture at Netskope?

The culture at Netskope is highly collaborative. Every new hire I encounter, including myself, has experienced a highly helpful environment where people are eager to reach out and provide assistance. And, in regards to onboarding, we collaborate through projects and initiatives. Everyone is eager to really improve upon where we are and then make the company better, make the product better and make the process better. That's really the best part of working in Netskope.

How does Netskope support you in regards to work-life balance?

The support, in terms of work-life balance, is to provide empowerment for employees and teams to make the best decisions for their team and for their work environment. For example, in my case, I lead a team of individuals globally. So, I need to manage my time based on my team members' time zones. That means if I need to get up early or stay up late, and during the day I need to take care of something for my family, I have the flexibility to do so. That really provides the best of both worlds, in which I'm fulfilling my responsibility as a team leader, but also taking care of my needs as a family member.

It's a highly productive and very constructive environment. 

What advice would you give to other women who are thinking about working at Netskope?

I actually don't think about being a woman in a technology company. What I care most about when I’m going to a meeting or participating in a project or initiative is about what I bring to the table... So, I really don't think much about whether I'm a woman or different from other members. Everyone is there to contribute and make things better

Here at Netskope, [...]  it's about the value we bring and the effort we contribute.

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