‘I Love My Job’: How My Company Helps Me Thrive as a New Mom and Technical Solutions Manager

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Lorrin Blair. Photo courtesy of Autodesk.

Lorrin Blair. Photo courtesy of Autodesk.

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Welcome to I Love My Job, the series where we hear from real women who really love their jobs. In this edition, we sat down with Lorrin Blair, Manager of Technical Solutions at Autodesk.

For Blair, her technical sales manager position isn’t the only role she plays on a daily basis — she’s also a new mom! “Being a new working mom is hard, especially when you love your kid and your job, which I do,” she tells us. Luckily, Autodesk is there to help working parents like Blair excel in all aspects of their lives. 

“Being at Autodesk, I've had the benefit of being able to work remotely, which has been really helpful for me,” shares Blair. “It means that I still get to engage in meaningful projects, work with these incredible people, and also not waste time commuting — I get to have lunch with my kid every day.” And this is just the beginning of the ways that Autodesk supports its teams. From Focus Fridays to combat Zoom fatigue to vibrant employee resource groups, Autodesk helps people thrive. 

The benefits and culture at Autodesk “help me feel that I can focus on my personal life, which is hugely important to me, while also doing a really good job at work,” Blair tells us.

In the video below, Blair tells us more about why she loves working at Autodesk and what it's like being in technical sales. We also provide lightly edited highlights from the video discussion in the following article.

Can you tell us a bit more about your job and journey to Autodesk?

After joining Autodesk and working as a technical solution executive (TSE) myself, I was promoted and now manage a team that’s spread across the eastern United States. My team supports customers within the construction space that are looking to improve their workflows through powerful technology… 

I actually spent about a decade in the construction industry. I'm a civil engineer by degree, and I spent a number of years out in the industry with boots on the ground, supporting construction projects all over North America. I experienced firsthand the challenges of getting a project from design all the way through to construction completion, and that's ultimately what prompted me to join the technology space

How would you describe the culture at Autodesk?

Autodesk has a great culture. When I think about the culture here, there are two things that really stick out: 

  1. First, there's a really strong team culture here. I work remotely, but I feel so connected to all the people that I work with because of this team culture. I know that if I ever need help with something, there's always people that I can lean on… There's a recognition that, in this business, it's really hard to be successful by yourself…

  2. There's a strong culture of learning. At Autodesk, we learn from listening to our customers. Often, as employees, we also get the opportunity to provide our own feedback. It feels like the company is learning from us, which is really great. Here, you can also build your career in whatever way you want — there's a lot that you can learn from others.

What is your favorite thing about working at Autodesk?

The people… I work with some really smart, passionate people. And, to me, there's nothing more motivating than being surrounded by people who are always thinking in more innovative ways and challenging you.

What advice do you have for women looking for jobs at Autodesk?

Joining a new company, especially one as large and varied as Autodesk, can be a little intimidating, especially as a woman in tech.

I experienced this when I first joined Autodesk. And even when I was in the construction space, you might find yourself being one of few women. But, if you join, don't be afraid to ask for help or reach out to others. There's a really strong culture of helping, and you can find the community that you need here to be successful.

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