'I Love My Job’: I’m Empowered to Use Design to Innovate, Help Others and Evolve My Company

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Lindsay Quinter

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July 23, 2024 at 8:4PM UTC

Welcome to I Love My Job, the series where we hear from real women who really love their jobs. In this edition, we sat down with Lindsay Quinter, the Design Thinking Team Leader at Eaton — a power management company dedicated to improving people’s lives and the environment through technologies that are reliable, efficient, safe and sustainable.

Quinter joined the company a little over three years ago to build a strategy for deploying design thinking across the company. Essentially, this means helping “teams across Eaton solve problems in service of people,” explains Quinter. Her job enables her to create meaningful experiences for customers and colleagues alike — including her growing team of four. 

It’s no wonder that what she finds most exciting about her work is that it’s ever-evolving and “there's endless opportunity to provide value,” Quinter says. “As a trainer, a facilitator and a team leader, I'm often helping people work through collaborative problem solving, which means I get to really dig into complex challenges and help people make sense of them.” Through her role, Quinter gets the exciting opportunity to help people discover innovative approaches to their work and, ultimately, find unique and creative solutions.

In the video below, Quinter shares more about why she loves working at Eaton. We also provide lightly edited highlights from the video discussion in the following article.


How would you describe the culture at Eaton?

Approachable and engaged… I interact with a lot of people from different functions and different divisions around the world, and no matter what room I'm in, I always feel welcome… You can really tell that people at Eaton care about the work that they do, and they're also very open and willing to help others around them. 

What is your favorite thing about Eaton?

I get to work with and meet new people almost every day. Also, the work that our team — and all of Eaton — does really matters… We get to help businesses across Eaton create products and solutions [...], reimagine the experiences they're creating for end users[…] and help teams create entirely new digital solutions. 

We get to bring design into this large industrial manufacturing company and help evolve it toward the future. 

How does Eaton support you in regards to career advancement?

Communication at Eaton is always transparent and consistent. I get asked about my development, how I'm doing and what I'm working toward on a regular basis. I'm always in conversation with my managers and other functional leaders who are really looking out for my future at Eaton — they really want me to succeed. Those conversations are a signal to me that the people around me really recognize the value that I bring, and they're also going to give me the opportunities that I want and need in order to define my own path for myself

I have a lot of space and autonomy to do what I really think needs to be done. If I have a good case for a solution or a strategy that I really believe Eaton needs, I'm very rarely met with resistance. It’s pretty exciting that I am empowered to do and build the things I think Eaton needs for our future and for the mission that we have for design thinking.

What advice do you have for women looking for jobs at Eaton?

Ask for what you need in order to be successful, and share your perspective with others. By engaging in open dialogue with those around you, you can focus on your own development and do really good work.

Interested in joining the Eaton team? They’re hiring! Click the link below to browse opportunities.

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