21 Memes For Those Of Us Who Can Secretly Use All the Help We Can Get

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Sometimes, we all need some help. Sometimes we think we're helping ourselves! But we're not. For those times, here are 21 memes to which we can all relate.

1. When you need help from work stress.

2. When you need help at the birthday dinner.

3. Your face when you need help but swear you don't.

4. When anyone is willing to listen to you.

5. When your colleague doesn't know how much help they'll need.

6. When your colleague finally needs help.

7. When you need help with the kids.

8. When mom needs help.

9. When you're pretending you're fine.

10. When you need help from life.

11. When you try some self-help.

12. When you finally have time to practice self-help.

13. When you need all the help you can get.

14. When you need help with your newborn.

15. When you act like it's all fine (but it's not fine).

16. When you need help understanding children.

17. When you need help getting the kids to cooperate.

18. When you need help dealing with stress.

19. When you need help getting the kids to cooperate, Part II.

20. When you need help in school.

21. When you need someone's ear.

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