Introducing Our New Head of Recruitment Marketing and Customer Success — Gabi Carachilo!

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Gabi Carachilo

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May 29, 2024 at 3:43PM UTC

Fairygodboss’ new Head of Recruitment Marketing and Customer Success, Gabi Carachilo, has over seven years of experience in talent acquisition, corporate branding, and recruitment marketing. Gabi is a Buffalo, New York, native who is now living in Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Outside of work, you'll find her and her husband chasing after their two wild boys Anthony (three-years-old) and Thomas (one-year-old). They love exploring local parks and splash pads to beat the Oklahoma heat.

Here, Gabi shares with us everything from what made her join the Fairygodboss team to what about her work excites her the most. 

What brought you to Fairygodboss?

I was one of the millions of women who left the workforce during the pandemic. As I prepared to transition back into a full-time role, I started researching organizations that supported working mothers. The Fairygodboss leadership team believes that people are happier, more committed, and maximally efficient when they can bring their whole selves to work — and I couldn’t agree more!

Fairygodboss’ mission, which is to help the women in our community by providing free resources and a safe, inclusive environment for highly motivated women to connect with other career-minded individuals, is something that I am passionate about.

I look forward to partnering with the team to drive customer engagement and recruitment marketing efforts while helping women achieve their career goals. 

That sounds exciting! Could you dive more into your new role at Fairygodboss and what that entails?

Our team is responsible for so many different program elements! From company reviews and career advice articles to webinars and virtual career fairs, I’m thrilled to be a part of the wide variety of free career resources Fairygodboss offers. In my short time here, I’ve also already been able to take part in a few new and exciting initiatives that will support our clients and jobseekers alike. 

I know one initiative that you're working on is the upcoming Fall Resume Drop. I'm curious — why do a resume drop instead of just offering a candidate database? 

Many of the databases you can purchase access to on other career sites can include outdated resumes and inactive jobseekers. This can create low response rates when recruiters reach out to talent leads. By contrast, all jobseekers in our resume drop are not only actively looking for new opportunities, but also actively opted in to be connected with their choice of participating companies. This makes connecting with active, qualified candidates a much more efficient process.

That makes sense. I'd imagine sorting and searching through those databases can be a pretty difficult process?

Absolutely. It is a huge time commitment. I remember spending hours digging through resumes within databases only to find a few candidates who were a potential fit. Some of those candidates would then have inaccurate contact information, which made getting in touch difficult. And they would sometimes be suspicious of where I had obtained their contact information whereas the women participating in our resume drop are active, engaged members of Fairygodboss and are actively engaged with our mission.

Are there any other advantages to participating in a Fairygodboss resume drop?

Fairygodboss’ community of women jobseekers is diverse in background, experience, and function. By partnering with Fairygodboss, you can directly support your DEI hiring goals. We will also be marketing all participating employers repeatedly through our platform, email marketing and social media reach in the weeks leading up to the resume drop which means additional branding exposure.

Other than the Fall Resume Drop, what else are you excited for as you settle into your new role at Fairygodboss?

I am looking forward to Galvanize! Now in its sixth year, Galvanize is the leading summit designed to convene leaders of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), executives, diversity leaders, talent leaders, and allies to discuss how — together — we can accelerate the path to gender equality in the workplace. 

To learn more about Galvanize, and register for this event, please click here

*Fairygodboss is an inclusive community and when we use the term women, we refer to cis women, trans women and nonbinary individuals.

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