The No. 1 Move You Should Make if You’re Returning to Work After a Career Break

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Applying for jobs is hard. Applying for jobs when you have a gap on your resume can feel infinitely harder. If you’re returning to the workforce after a career break, the idea of proving to an interviewer your competency and relevance — or even landing an interview in the first place — may feel like a massive obstacle. 

We get it: it’s easy to feel discouraged when you’re competing for a job with a candidate who has more recent work experience, and being in this position can feel extremely isolating. But we also know that there are many employers who appreciate the experience, professionalism, enthusiasm and maturity of someone who has taken a break from the workforce. And we know that if you’re committed to returning to work, there are some concrete steps you can take to assume control of your trajectory. 

One step you can’t afford to miss is educating yourself. And you’re in luck: iRelaunch, an organization devoted to helping people return to work, is hosting a Return to Work Conference with the Stanford Alumni Association (at Stanford University) on May 7. The event will give you strategies, tools, confidence and connections to help you navigate your transition like a pro. All attendees will have access to special presentations on resume writing, interviewing and networking advice – specifically geared toward people who have taken a career break — and you’ll have the chance to network not only with other attendees, but also with employers and recruiters who are looking to hire people like you. 

The featured speakers — including Fairygodboss CEO and Co-founder Georgene Huang; Chair and Co-founder of iRelaunch, Carol Fishman Cohen; Contributor at Ginny Brzezinski; Founding Partner at Solutus Legal Search LLC Julie Q. Brush; and Speaker/Consultant/Writer/Staff Instructor at LinkedIn Oliver Schinkten — will help you with leveraging social media for your job search, building your resume and addressing your career gap, fighting ageism in hiring, negotiating your pay and benefits package, identifying your transferable skills and considering new careers based on them, building your personal elevator pitch, and more. You’ll also hear inspirational return to work success stories that will invigorate your job search.

If you’re approaching your transition back to the workforce, it’s worth your while to register for the Return to Work Conference today. You’ll leave with valuable insights and resources, including connections with employers interested in hiring Relaunchers; knowledge of the top relaunch strategies and the beginnings your own return to work plan; a network of peers seeking to re-enter the workforce; and confidence, energy and optimism!