It’s Not Just LinkedIn — 7 Ways To Make Your Instagram Profile Stand Out to Recruiters

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April 20, 2024 at 10:12PM UTC

Looking for a new job? I bet your first digital port of call was updating your LinkedIn profile. It’s probably the most popular social media platform when beginning the job search; chances are you have probably not even thought about using Instagram. Instagram is the second most widely used social network, after Facebook, and chances are your employers (and their recruiters) are using Instagram to scout and find their next star employee. 

Why use Instagram?

While LinkedIn is the place to go for all things job hunting-related, it doesn’t necessarily highlight the whole person — their personalities and what they do off the clock. Recruiters are looking at everything you do these days to see if you are the perfect fit for the job role. Not only that, but more and more businesses are using Instagram to build awareness about their company, so it makes sense to also use Instagram to build awareness about your personal brand and help you find a job. 

Why do recruiters use Instagram?

1. To attract the attention of possible job candidates.

Employers have started to share “a day-in-the-life” photos of how it is to work for their company, attracting prospective new employees. They want to engage with people who may be a great fit for current or future job openings.

2. To observe a job candidate's personality.

LinkedIn is great for learning about a potential candidate's technical qualifications, but most profiles lack personable qualities. Recruiters look at Instagram profiles to learn about potential employees’ overall personalities. Are they funny? Outgoing? What are their interests and hobbies? 

Recruiters exist on Instagram and it’s a good idea to have a profile that appeals to not only your friends and fans, but also to potential employers. 

Ways to make your Instagram profile job search ready.

1. Assess your profile.

Get rid of any photos that are super unprofessional and make sure your friends untag or take down any photos too. Make a list of what you need to fix and then start fixing it. You want your future employer to see the real you, but you want to highlight the best version of the real you. 

2. Have a great photo.

Having a good, clear headshot on your Instagram is essential. Usually, you also want to make sure that your photo on Instagram matches the same profile picture on LinkedIn. 

“This makes it easier for recruiters to find you on both sites. However, it is ok to choose a less formal, more fun photo, as long as it is good quality, and you can easily be recognized,” says Magda Newton, an HR manager at Oxessays and Eliteassignmenthelp

3. Make your bio count.

You have 150 words to sell yourself to the world. Make it short, sweet and honest. Be sure to sell your professional skills as well as your talents and hobbies. Use similar language to the language you used in your LinkedIn profile. 

4. Edit, edit, edit.

Any and all of your photos should be free of drugs, alcohol, sex, politics and profanities, so go through and delete the less than savoury posts.

5. Consider what and how to post.

Make your posts reflect you. Take a great photograph. Make sure you write a good photo summary, making use of emojis, tagging the company you are interested in and use your hashtags correctly.

6. Highlight your best qualities.

If you think you do something the best, show it off. Include posts of you at your best, doing your thing well and recruiters will notice. 

7. Follow your future employer.

Got a company you are dying to work for? After your profile is ready, search and follow them on Instagram. Don’t forget to tag them in any relevant posts they make and comment on any posts. Instagram is all about engagement and there is nothing wrong with you advocating for yourself — it can even help you land your next role.

What’s your no. 1 piece of advice for personal branding on social media? Share your answer in the comments to help other Fairygodboss'ers!

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