It’s Time To Be the Change We Wish to See’ — 8 Ways To Stay Creative at Work

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Christina Danton and Kirsten Ludwig, Co-Founders of In Good Co.
Christina Danton and Kirsten Ludwig, Co-Founders of In Good Co.
May 28, 2024 at 7:1AM UTC

The purpose generation is here. Brands are being asked to stand for more than ever before. As we move from the attention economy to the intention economy, dollars are going where the values are. The world is ready to see a change: more voices, richer stories and greater purpose.

It’s time to be the change we wish to see. We need to adapt our thinking and our agencies, too. We need to build better teams, gather inclusive minds and generate brands that reflect our audiences.

Audiences are asking more of brands, and brands deserve more from their partners. They deserve more access to ideas, creativity, and wisdom. They deserve next-generation solutions because we’re facing next-generation challenges. They deserve a new class of thinkers, creators and makers to prototype new models and build brands for the future — to be the change we wish to see.

Being the consistent incubator of those ideas can be challenging.  We came up with top tips for how to stay creative — even if you’re not in a creative role. 

1. Work with new people. 

New perspectives are helpful to avoid getting stuck in a rut. 

2. Travel.

Even if it’s in your own neighborhood, try to go somewhere new once a month if not more. New flea market, new restaurant or new country.

3. Talk to people outside of traditional creative roles. 

Everyone is creative. People who approach things from a different headspace will challenge your norms.

4. Reset.

Rest. Shower. Clean your space. Clearing your mind and not burning yourself out is fuel for creativity. All-nighters are not helpful.

5. Try something new.

A beginner’s mind can keep you stuck. Try something you haven’t done before or approach something you have with a complete beginner's mind. What if you didn’t know? How would you do it?

6. Get outside. 

Run, walk, skate, bike or whatever you can. Get outside and open your lungs and your mind. Fresh air offers a fresh perspective.

7. Chat it up. 

Start a convo with someone in the coffee line, while walking the dog or with the food delivery person. Everyone has a unique perspective and something to share, and that can often inform or spark something in us.

8. Inspiration truly is everywhere. 

Grab a book. Jump on Pinterest. Look at the graffiti on the Subway. If you open your eyes and allow it, you will find inspiration most everywhere.


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Christina Danton and Kirsten Ludwig are the Co-Founders of In Good Co., a purpose-driven creative agency shaping brands that change the world. Click here to learn more.

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