3 Job Application Emails That Will Catch a Hiring Manager’s Eye

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So you're reaching out to a hiring manager about a job opening with their company, and you want to get their attention. Here's everything you need to know about how to write an email to a hiring manager.

How do you write an email to a hiring manager?

How do you ask for a job opportunity email? You have to just go for it! The worst that can happen is that the hiring manager says no or ignores your email.

Still, writing an email to a hiring manager can be intimidating. After all, you want them to notice you and consider you from the job at hand — and how are you supposed to do that in just a few short sentences? Never mind that their inbox is probably cluttered with a whole bunch of other emails from applicants interested in the very same job.

Therefore, when writing an email to a hiring manager, you need to take into consideration all aspects of the email:
  • The Subject Line
  • The Opener
  • The Body of the Email
  • The Closing/Call to Action
  • The Signature
The subject line of your email should be clear and concise. It should tell the hiring manager exactly why you're emailing them — which is to apply for their job opening. For example: "Application for [Job Title] — [Your Name]" or "[Job Title] Application — [Your Name]." You want to include your name in the email so that it stands out and is more memorable!
The opener of your email should tell the hiring manager why you're writing, as well. You want to let them know that you're reaching out to apply for the job opening you found, and you are really interested in working for their company or working that specific job for X,Y,Z reasons. In other words, open with flattery — but honest flattery. For example: "I am reaching out to apply for your [Job Title] opening. The opportunity to work for [Company Name] thrills me because I am impressed with [X,Y,Z]."
The body of your email should go into more about you and your experience. Tell the employer exactly why you're a great fit for the role and why they should hire you. You should pick one or two really relevant experiences here to highlight, and then direct them to your cover letter and/or resume where they can learn more about your work experiences and skills.
The closing of your email should always include a call to action. You might include something along the lines of, "I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions." Or you might include something along the lines of, "Please reach out to talk more. My email is [email] and my phone number is [phone number]."
And, finally, your signature should end the email. There are tons of ways you can sign an email. You might choose to say "best," "regards," "thanks," "thank you," "sincerely," "cheers," "best wishes" or another closer of your choice. Keeping it simple like "thanks" or "best" are probably safe bets.

What are some example emails to hiring managers?

Here are three example emails you can send to a hiring manager that'll snag their attention and, hopefully, land you a job.

Example A

Subject Line: [POSITION] - [NAME]
Dear [Hiring Manager Name],
I’ve recently learned of [COMPANY]'s opening for a [JOB TITLE]. I'm also aware that [COMPANY] is [ AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR WHICH THE COMPANY IS RECOGNIZED]. I'm inspired by that level of excellence and would be thrilled to work for [COMPANY] to be part of your continued success.
I have [X] years of experience with [RELEVANT SKILL], [RELEVANT SKILL] and [RELEVANT SKILL]. In my last role, I was responsible for [RELATED EXPERIENCE].
I'm looking to further develop my skills and challenge myself alongside some of the best in the industry. I'm confident we’d both accomplish more together, as I'd be an asset to your team.
Here is a link to my portfolio where you can learn more about my work [INSERT LINK]. You can also find my resume attached.
I’d love to talk more about this opportunity and how we may best be able to work together.


Example B

Subject Line: [POSITION] - [NAME]
Dear [Hiring Manager Name],
I am reaching out to express my deep interest in your opening for a  [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY]. I would love to work for [COMPANY] because [ONE TO TWO REASONS WHY YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE COMPANY].
With my degree in [FIELD] and my [X] years of experience with [RELEVANT SKILL], [RELEVANT SKILL] and [RELEVANT SKILL], I believe I am a strong candidate for a position at [COMPANY]. You've specified that you are searching for someone with strong [SKILL], which I've honed in on in my last position. As a [CURRENT/FORMER JOB TITLE] at [CURRENT/FORMER COMPANY], I am/was responsible for [CURRENT/FORMER DUTY THAT INVOLVES THE SPECIFIED SKILL].
My [SOFT SKILL], [SOFT SKILL] and [SOFT SKILL] add to my experiences. I have attached my resume to this email so you can get a better idea of my previous work.
Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to speaking soon.

Example C

Subject Line: [POSITION] - [NAME]
Dear [Hiring Manager Name],
I am reaching out in regards to your opening for a  [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY], which I found on [JOB BOARD]. [COMPANY] truly impresses me because of [ONE TO TWO REASONS WHY YOU'RE INTERESTED IN THE COMPANY], and I would be thrilled to work alongside your talented team.
I have [X] years of related experience with [RELEVANT SKILL], [RELEVANT SKILL] and [RELEVANT SKILL]. In fact, I am currently working a/I previously worked as [CURRENT/FORMER JOB TITLE] for [CURRENT/FORMER COMPANY] in a similar role. I am/was responsible for [CURRENT/FORMER RELEVANT DUTIES]. That experience, coupled with my [SOFT SKILL], [SOFT SKILL] and [SOFT SKILL], positions me well for your opening. 
I already have some ideas for the company that I'd love to share with you regarding [BRIEF IDEA EXPLANATION]. I'm happy to share more about both my experiences, which you can find on my attached resume, and my ideas for helping the company tackle its current challenges.
I appreciate your time and consideration, and I look forward to talking more at your convenience.
Thank you,

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