The Job Search Advice That Completely Changed My Career Trajectory

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April 16, 2024 at 10:34AM UTC

When looking for a new job, it is so important to have the right mindset. Earlier in my career, I remember looking for a job and feeling so beholden to thoughts like “I hope the company likes me” and “I can’t go on another interview.” 

These negative and desperate thoughts took up unnecessary space in mind. The minute I learned to release these types of thoughts and focus on having a good conversation, job interviews became a much more enjoyable experience. Ultimately, this led to me being able to master the art of interviewing in a whole new way. When you can master this art, it can lead to new opportunities in your career. How can you turn an intimidating job interview into a good conversation? Here are 5 steps to make the transition today.

1. Focus on the fact that the interviewer is a person (just like you).

It’s important not to forget that the interviewer is a person just like you. This person isn’t interested in having an awkward or uncomfortable conversation. If you remember this fact, you will take a deep breath (or two) and focus on having a good conversation with the interviewer by: 

Anything can happen when you have a good conversation. It is up to you to maintain the right mindset during the interview process. 

2. Act like the interviewer is your friend.

When you speak with your friends, are you comfortable? Do you struggle starting or maintaining a conversation? Probably not. If you pretend that the interviewer is your friend, how would your mannerisms change during the interview? Would you smile more? Would it be easier to answer their questions? Why not pretend, so you can actually have a good conversation during the interview? 

3. Remember you can't control the future. 

You don’t know whether a job interview will turn into a job offer. Guess what? That’s okay. If you interview with a company and you aren’t offered the position that means it wasn’t an opportunity for you at this moment. Maybe you will work with the company in the future, or maybe you won’t. Focusing on something you can’t control is the equivalent of banging your head against the wall over and over again. Why put yourself through this type of pain? If you focus on what you do control during an interview, do you think you can increase your chances of being offered the position? Absolutely! 

4. Focus on why you want the job.  

When preparing for a job interview, it is vitally important to spend time understanding why you really want the position. You should be able to clearly articulate answers to the following questions: 

  • Why are you excited to work for the company? 

  • Why should the company hire you for the position? 

  • Why are you the ideal candidate for the position? 

  • What are you most excited to do in the role? 

  • What goals will you accomplish in the role? 

  • Why do you want to be hired for this position?  


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