Forget Your Resume Sadly, How You Look is More Important in a Job Interview

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Have you ever left a job interview feeling like the only thing the interviewer paid attention to was your appearance? If so, you’re not alone. Many women tell Fairygodboss they worry they’ll be more likely remembered for their outfit or hairstyle than their resume qualifications.
Unfortunately, women continue to face a wide range of gender-based biases during job interviews. While it’s certainly not your responsibility — or even within your power — to completely change stereotypes, being aware of them may help you decide what to emphasize about your professional qualities and background.
Fairygodboss asked 500 hiring professionals to view images of women and describe their professional appearance. These women had distinctly different hairstyles, outfits, skin tones, facial expressions, and body types.
Fairygodboss’ report, The Grim Reality of Being a Female Job Seeker, presents our latest research about gender bias and personal appearances. Download the full report to learn:
    What traits hiring professionals look for in a job candidate
    How hiring professionals judge women based on details like weight, demeanor, age, and race
    Which groups of women are more likely to be hired based on their appearance
  •     Tips for overcoming gender bias during an interview in order to increase your chances of landing the job

Gender bias and your professional appearance

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