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Life can be hectic for single moms. As you juggle your kids’ needs with other responsibilities, you need a career that allows you to balance work demands with your personal and family obligations and commitments.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of 15 ideal jobs for single moms, taking into account flexibility, earning potential, ability to work from home, and other factors.

15 Jobs for Single Moms

(NB: Annual salaries are based on data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics unless otherwise noted.)

1. Administrative Assistant

Annual Salary: $37,870

Administrative assistants are generally tasked with keeping the office running smoothly. They lend support to the staff while scheduling appointments, organizing information, and performing other tasks as needed. Because this type of position usually has a straightforward schedule and doesn’t require overtime, depending, of course, on your employer, it can be a good fit for a busy single mom.

2. Blogger

Annual Salary: $61,820 (writers and authors)

It may take a bit of time to earn money from a blog, but if you have a passion and are a strong writer, why not showcase your work? It doesn’t cost much to start a blog, and if it takes off, you will earn more income from advertisers who want to be featured on your site.

At first, you may want to keep up your blog as a side hustle, given that you won’t earn a living off of it immediately. The upside is you can do all your blogging from home—even while the kids are around.

3. Copywriter

Annual Salary: $61,820 (writers and authors)

Another good pick for wordsmiths, copywriting has high earning potential and, depending on whether you work full-time for a single employer or on a freelance basis, can afford you some flexibility. Most companies—large and small, established and startup—need the assistance of a copywriter, so if you have strong writing skills, the likelihood of finding someone in need of your services is high.

4. Customer Service Representative

Annual Salary: $32,890 

Many businesses outsource their customer service. Some customer service representatives work in call centers, but you may be able to find gigs that allow you to work from home, too. Since you will be handling customer issues and complaints, this job requires excellent communication skills and a good deal of patience—making moms a natural at it.

5. Daycare Center Director

Annual Salary: $46,890

If your child is of daycare age, you will not only be able to see her regularly as a daycare center director, but you might also have free childcare as an added benefit of your employment. In this role, you will manage other daycare staff, develop and implement programs, work on budgeting, and perform other tasks needed to run the operation.

6. Graphic Designer

Annual Salary: $48,700

While some graphic designers are employed with businesses, many work for themselves, creating visuals for ad campaigns, illustrations, logos, and more. You can often create your own schedule and take on projects as you wish when you’re freelance, all while working from the privacy of your own home while your kids are there, too.

7. Computer Support Specialist

Annual Salary: $52,810

If you have a mind for computers, why not use your skills in IT? While you may need to be on call during off hours, depending on your employer, IT positions can often be flexible. Many businesses also outsource their computer support needs, meaning it is possible to freelance your skills and take on jobs as you wish.

8. Life Coach

Annual Salary: $61,900 (coach practitioner)

Being a life coach doesn’t require the same level of education or certification that many other types of therapists do, and there is a high demand for this type of work. If you love giving advice and are a strong communicator and listener, it could be a good choice for a single mom. 

Life coaches help their clients achieve their life goals, often working independently and sometimes from home, enabling them to design their own schedules.

9. Market Research Analyst

Annual Salary: $63,230

Market research analysts are often contractors, gathering data on trends and prospects and making recommendations to employers about potential products and services. While they may need to meet with clients onsite from time to time, they can often work from home and create flexible schedules. 

10. Nanny/Childcare Worker

Annual Salary: $22,290

Your earning potential can vary greatly depending on your employer, but if you love being around children (and if you’re a mom, you probably do!) nannying can be a great opportunity to do what you love while making a living. Some employers may even let you bring your kids to play with theirs, which means you’ll be able to spend more time with them and not have to worry about childcare.

11. Small Business Owner

Annual Salary: Varies

Being an entrepreneur is tough work, but there are many small-scale steps you can take to carry your vision into the world. For example, if you’re a crafter, why not sell your handmade goods on Etsy? There are many other platforms for selling goods and marketing your services, too, such as sites catering to freelancers.

12. Speech Pathologist

Annual Salary: $76,610

Speech pathologists, who work with people with speech, communication, and swallowing issues, have high earning potential and can often design their own schedules, with some working part-time. Many work in schools, which can be beneficial to single mothers, since their time off will likely align with that of their children.

13. Translator

Annual Salary: $47,190

Many businesses, organizations, and government agencies need translators, so if you’re fluent in another language, this profession could be a good choice. Some translators work on a freelance or part-time basis, leaving you more time to spend with your children.

14. Tutor

Annual Salary: $34,788 (PayScale)

Tutors can market their service online through tutoring platforms or engage clients through schools and other means. This is a flexible job, enabling you to take on as many or as few students as you wish, that can usually be done at your home.

15. Virtual Assistant

Annual Salary: $57,267 (ZipRecruiter)

Because many virtual assistants work from home and can take on clients as they wish, the job can be enormously flexible and ideal for single moms. For this job, you’ll perform many tasks that are similar to those of an administrative assistant—but all from the comfort of your own home.

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