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May 29, 2024 at 12:34PM UTC

Kiarah, or “Kiki” as her friends call her, is a branch rental manager at Enterprise and is responsible for the day-to-day operations at her rental branch. In addition to ensuring a great customer experience, she is responsible for training and developing her employees for future management opportunities. Kiki appreciates Enterprise Holdings’ dedication to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts, specifically those helping women advance in their careers. 

Enterprise prides itself on giving back to local communities, creating an inclusive environment where everyone can be their best, and providing benefits that women actually want. “No matter your race, age or gender, we support our employees and give back to all of the communities in which we operate,” Kiki tells Fairygodboss. “We are not only here to provide a service to our customers, but also to give strength and support to our neighborhoods, one community at a time.”

We caught up with Kiki to talk more about what makes Enterprise an attractive place to work. Here’s what she had to say.

What are Enterprise’s core values?

Doing the right thing isn’t just another corporate talking point to us — it’s what we were founded on. Here are the eight core values that are behind everything we do:

  • Our brands are the most valuable things we own. 

  • We work hard, and we reward hard work. 

  • Customer service is our way of life.

  • Great things happen when we listen to our customers and to each other.

  • Personal honesty and integrity are the foundation of our success. 

  • We strengthen our communities, one neighborhood at a time. 

  • Our company is a fun and friendly place where teamwork rules. 

  • Our doors are open.

What differentiates Enterprise from others in its space and industry?
Enterprise takes pride in and ownership of employee development and the success of employees. This, in turn, leads to a high level of service for our customers. We work hard, but our hard work is rewarded: we have fun and we give back to our communities.

Share three employee benefits that positively impact women who work at Enterprise.
1. Female Leadership forums focused on addressing obstacles and opportunities for women.
2.  Phase-back program permitting a gradual return to work for women returning from maternity leave.
3. Formal and informal mentoring programs.

What career development opportunities can women job seekers expect at Enterprise? How is career pathing approached?
Every step of the way, training and development is a focus for employees at each level and position. Enterprise provides ongoing formal and on-the-job training to set employees up for success. For example, our Female Leadership Initiative in Washington, D.C. also provides a confidential and safe place for women leaders to engage with peers.   

At Enterprise we promote from within and promotions are based on performance, not tenure. And depending on an employee’s interests, there are different business lines to explore, and opportunities to change careers without changing companies.  

Is there anything else women should know about pursuing a career here?
The ability to be successful at Enterprise is purely based on your performance and work ethic. You will never have to worry about being without equal opportunity because of your gender, age, race or sexual orientation. Enterprise works hard to ensure diversity, equity and inclusion and to give everyone the opportunity to be successful and promotable. Also, Enterprise is unique in that our most recent CEO to CEO handoff was between two women.

What are some unique benefits or perks Enterprise offers employees?
There are a range of benefits for benefits-eligible employees including a phase-back program for mothers returning from maternity leave, company-sponsored events to reward performance, paid volunteer time off, health insurance, paid leaves (maternity, parental, adoption, bereavement), profit sharing, rental discounts and more.

What’s one thing Enterprise does — whether a formal policy or program, or more in terms of office culture — that you think is particularly unique or unexpected?
One-on-one meetings with your manager on a regular basis. This is not a formal meeting where we only discuss or hold employees accountable. This is a break to speak about how you are doing, what may be going on (both positive or negative) in your life, as well as getting to know your manager more and following up on your successes or needs for improvement week over week.

I also appreciate how frequently we are recognized and rewarded by immediate managers and senior leaders for our general performance. Recognition could be expressed through lunch or a gift card, or even just a shout out in a meeting and it’s these gestures that continue to inspire and motivate performance.  


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