Just Announced! Here Are the Best Companies for Women in 2022, According to Your Reviews

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April 20, 2024 at 1:15PM UTC

What are the top places for women to work? Companies that not only support, but also empower women as they grow their careers by ensuring that they are treated equally in a culture that enables them to be their full selves.

This question is at the core of Fairygodboss itself. In fact, before co-founding Fairygodboss, our CEO Georgene Huang was a pregnant executive looking for her new role. As she underwent this process, she searched for a company that empowered women like her. Georgene was interested in how diverse management teams and employers were, how supportive they were of women and new moms, and what their benefits were around things like parental leave and flexibility. 

To find answers, Georgene went to all the usual resources online, but none of them addressed her questions. However, she remained convinced that this information would help both women and the employers interested in recruiting them, and so Fairygodboss was born.

Then, in 2017, Fairygodboss first set out to determine the very question Georgene and many others like her were asking: What are the best companies for women? Our answer to this question is the Fairygodboss Best Companies for Women list. This list highlights companies where women have job satisfaction, which we know from our research is directly related to the amount of gender equality she experiences at work. 

Our Best Companies lists are 100% based on anonymous employee reviews left on Fairygodboss, and scores for four of the lists are based on responses to three questions about overall job satisfaction, perceived gender equality at work, and recommendations to other women about working at the company. For our Top CEOs list, scores are determined by the average response to the question: Do you think your CEO supports gender diversity?

This year’s winners form a group of companies that are truly elevating women in the workplace and changing the game in regards to gender diversity. They are:

Without companies like these who believe in gender equality, the work we do at Fairygodboss would not have as much of an impact as it does. So thank you to all of these companies, and thank you to everyone who submitted a review!

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