Land Your Dream Job in 2020 By Doing These 5 Things

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The only thing that feels more fresh than a new year is a new decade. If you’re looking for a job to round-out your “new year, new you” list, it’s time to recognize that the job search is changing, too. 

So, how can you find your dream job on Fairygodboss in 2020? Any of these steps can get you closer to finding that resolution-worthy career move. 

1. Learn which companies value gender diversity and set job alerts for them.

There’s no better place than FGB to learn which companies are looking to hire more women. Read company profiles and anonymous reviews on Fairygodboss to learn which organizations value gender diversity, then set up job alerts for the ones you want to work for. They’re looking for people like you and you’re looking for a place like them. That sounds like a win-win situation. 

2. Register for a virtual career fair for women in technology.

In a world of self-driving cars and artificial intelligence, you shouldn’t be too surprised that we have the technology for you to attend a recruiting event without leaving your desk. Still — isn’t that pretty convenient? Registering for a Fairygodboss virtual career fair allows you to connect with top employers in technology who are looking to hire women software engineers, developers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, and technology team leaders.

3. Join the FGB Official Job Seeker Group.

Whether you’re looking for moral support, practical advice or feedback on your applications, joining the FGB Official Job Seeker Group is a great way to smooth out your job search. In this friendly space, you can connect with women in the same spot as you, call for opportunities in your industry or just... vent. All are helpful steps in any job search. 

4. Sign up for informational webinars and other events on the FGB virtual events calendar.

Let’s be honest: the job search is always changing. Register for events on the Fairygodboss virtual events calendar to get up-to-date advice from industry leaders, talent acquisition professionals and other job search experts. Plus, stay in-the-know on in-person events hosted by our partners and other useful events. Need a right-now solution? Visit our past events for an archive of useful webinars, each chock-full of job search advice. 

5. Make new connections in the FGB Official Mentors & Mentees Group.

According to a survey summarized by PayScale, upwards of 85% of open positions are filled through networking. That means your dream job might be hiding among your Fairygodboss connections. Connect with women in the FGB Community to expand your network of like-minded professionals, and join the FGB Official Mentors & Mentees Group to find a champion in your industry. Even if your new contact doesn’t have a job lined up for you, we all know that a little bit of support can go a long way in the job search process.

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