Last Minute Christmas and Holiday Gifts Your Coworkers Will Love


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Kristina Udice
Kristina Udice
July 20, 2024 at 5:55AM UTC
The holiday season is a beautiful time of year. There are twinkling lights everywhere and festive cocktails at happy hour. It’s a time filled with holiday season shopping lists, great gift ideas, and endless possibilities for winter cheer.
But for many, the people we forget to get gifts for are the people we see every day — our coworkers. And even if we had these people in mind, coming up with ideas for a holiday gift that's appropriate for a colleague can be daunting. You don't want to throw a wrench in the office culture vibe by giving a bad gift. But pulling together last minute Christmas gifts or other holiday gifts that will leave your recipient full of cheer isn’t as scary as you might think.
Luckily, this list includes a bunch of easy, last minute great gift options that can be thrown into your online cart and shipped using two-day shipping or even same-day thanks to Amazon. No need for crunchtime shopping at the mall or your local outlets.
If you’re reading this and you’re looking for last minute Christmas gifts for your coworkers, don’t panic. We’ve got you covered with gifts that’ll reward you with a smile and a hug — and the recipients will never know you ordered these online a few days before.

1. Wine Accessories

For the wine aficionado, find your perfect gift in an assortment of wine accessories. Maybe this means picking out a cute wine glass set or set of stoppers. Maybe it means grabbing one of those fancy new wine openers they’ve been talking about, or those cute charms people use to differentiate whose glass is whose. Either way, the wine lover in your office will love this gift.

2. Fun picture frames

For the coworker with all the fun, family vacations, a set of cute glittery picture frames is the perfect sentimental gift. This is the perfect gift idea for the family man or woman whose desk is littered with nostalgic photos as it is. This unique and fun addition will also give the recipient the freedom to conjure up any memory they want to look at during those long Webex conference calls. 

3. Travel-friendly french press

For the coffee connoisseur, any gadget that can get them a good cup of joe, fast, is a blessing in and of itself. It is likely that they have a strong distaste for the office coffee machine, and they may spend their breaks running to the closest coffee branch. But with this nifty gift, they can brew their own coffee or espresso right at their desk! 

4. Portable phone charger

For the techie who's always forgetting their phone charger, a portable phone charger compatible with both iPhone and Android devices is the gift they never knew they needed. In a snap, they can whip out their portable charger before their phones hits 0%.! It’s the perfect holiday gift that any techie will love and any coworker will be thankful for — no more having to lend your charger over for the afternoon.

5. Office blanket

For the coworker who can’t stay warm, an office blanket is an essential. It is likely they already have a blanket or sweatshirt that they bring from home, but this gift is a warm and cozy reminder that you’re looking out for them. And who knows, it could be their new favorite desk staple!

6. Gift cards to their favorite lunch or caffeine spot

For the office foodie, a gift card or e-gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee shop could be the gift they knew they’d get the most out of but didn’t want to ask for. I mean, gift cards get a bad rep for being boring and thoughtless, but if you put the time and effort into finding out what tastes your coworkers have, it could be the best gift they receive at the office all year.

7. Figdet spinner

For the coworker who can’t sit still, a fidget spinner is a fun and easy gift to drop on their desk this holiday season. These mesmerizing little gadgets will give your coworker something to fidget with during those long conference calls and board meetings. No more tapping pens or bouncing legs next year!

8. DIY kit

For the coworker that lives for all things do-it-yourself, a DIY gift kit is the perfect crafts gift to keep them entertained and excited! Give them the gift of bath bombs, candles, cheese, or hot sauce — whatever they’re interested in, there’s definitely a DIY gift kit that will be perfect for them.
Don’t let holidays at the office stress you out — it can be just as fun as buying presents for your friends and family! And it doesn’t take too much thought. Coworkers are much easier to shop for than you think. But if it’s down to the wire and you need gifts, fast, this list is the perfect guide to getting your coworkers the presents they deserve.

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