Lead From the Front: One Sales Director’s Advice on Taking Risks, Management and More

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Delaney MacRitchie

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“I love that my job allows me to teach people,” says Delaney MacRitchie of Power Home Remodeling. MacRitchie moved into her current role as Director of Sales, Denver, at the beginning of this year, and she is thriving in her new leadership position. In this role, she finds joy in seeing her sales reps sell without any input from her. “It means I’ve given them the tools they need to be successful, and that’s so rewarding,” notes MacRitchie. And this approach is truly emblematic of her management style.

MacRitchie believes in building others up as much as she works toward achieving her own success. “I want people to feel like they can do their job at an elite level without me,” she explains. “I strive to make my people feel a sense of independence and autonomy — that makes me feel like I’ve done my job well.” 

To learn more about her leadership style that elevates others, read on!

Tell us about your job and your journey to Power Home Remodeling.

I was promoted to Director of Sales on January 1, 2022. Currently, I’m responsible for mentoring the Sales Mentors in Denver, assisting with sales and Mentor meetings, and I still run about 12 sales appointments a month with homeowners.

Before coming to Power, I worked as a social worker for six years, helping the elderly, blind and disabled. While it was work I was passionate about and good at, I was feeling burned out and complacent. A friend had referred me to a sales position at Power, which was daunting because I never worked in sales; however, I found some parallels between going into people’s homes and helping them find solutions to their problems.

I started at Power in 2019, in an entry-level Customer Development position before entering the Sales division — it’s a common practice at Power for everyone to start in Customer Development for 90 days so they can learn every facet of the business.  

Making this leap from social work to Power is the career move that I’m most proud of. I took the leap to something way more risky (being commission only) and was completely starting at the ground level, but I’m so glad I did it. I think a lot of people struggle with ‘what if’ and, for me, I didn’t want to live with the ‘what if.’ I tell this to my friends all the time: 'If you never try, you’ll never have an answer'. What’s the worst that can happen? If you fail or don’t like the switch, at least you know that you don’t like something and have the new confidence of knowing you tried. You have to take risks to reap the reward. 

What were your initial thoughts when you learned you were moving into a leadership role?

I was proud and excited! However, I did feel a sense of doubt. I questioned if I truly deserved this or if it was just a case of “right place, right time.” For a lot of people in leadership, especially women, we suffer from imposter syndrome. I think it’s important to talk about it. When people know that others are experiencing what they are, it makes them feel less isolated.

As leaders and as women, we need to start believing in ourselves and believing that we deserve to advance and be successful. And it’s important that we help others get past these doubts and insecurities, too.

How has your work changed since you went into leadership at Power Home Remodeling?

My day-to-day has changed in that I go into customers’ homes less. It’s more about managing and mentoring my people and helping our department grow. Now, I plan sales trainings, bootcamps and meetings and ensure that my people are set up for success.

How would you describe your leadership style?

I really try to lead from the front. I’m not afraid to get in the weeds with my people if they need help. If you set a good example, you’re paving the way for future leaders. That’s especially important for women to see — other women who are advancing and successful.

I believe you also need to meet people where they are and cater to their needs. I know my people on a personal level: their goals, skill sets and areas of improvement. By knowing this, I can help personalize my leadership style for what that individual needs to grow.

What is your No. 1 piece of advice for other women moving into or wanting to move into leadership?

Don’t compare yourself to others — especially to men when you work in a male-dominated industry like us. If you constantly compare yourself to others, that’s time away from working on your personal and professional development. It can drive you crazy and negatively affect your self-confidence, which is detrimental when you need to advocate for yourself and work toward that next milestone.

How do you ensure your direct reports feel well-supported?

I create open lines of communication. My people know they can call me for anything they need, whether it’s work-related or personal. That transparency helps to build trust. It makes a job not feel like a job. I also make sure to be as flexible and accommodating as I can. You have to meet people where they are. If they don’t feel like their manager has their back, that can negatively impact their work experience.

How do you and Power Home Remodeling onboard new employees?

The most important thing to me is just making sure people have the proper training, which Power does really well. We have extensive and tailored trainings from day one to ensure our people are set up for long-term success.  

Even if you have little to no sales experience, our sales training will help anyone become a master salesperson. At Power, we also offer a Rookie/Mentor Program where every new hire is paired with an experienced employee in that division to help them improve their craft and get acquainted. At a new job, it’s daunting to have to go to your direct boss with your questions, so the mentor can be more of that direct line for the mentee.  This helps to establish camaraderie from day one. It helps new hires feel supported and form deeper relationships with their coworkers.

I also think Power does a really good job when it comes to the transparency of career trajectories. We provide employees with a blueprint or roadmap that explicitly details how to advance to the next milestone or position.

We also have a leadership development program here called the Power Leadership Combine, which is basically a university for future leaders across the universe. There are specific criteria for how you get in, and everyone goes through the same trainings and classes.

Does your company have a formal mentorship/sponsorship program? If so, how has this enriched your own work experience?

Yes. In addition to our Rookie/Mentor Program and Power Leadership Combine, we have our Women’s Initiative, an internal program dedicated to the hiring, retaining and advancement of women. It’s an incredible resource for women at Power.

Being a mentor has provided so much fulfillment, and having that larger purpose makes my job not feel like just a job. I may not be passionate about windows or doors, but I'm passionate about the people I get to work with every day and the mission of what we do.

How has your company helped set you up for success?

With Power’s people-first culture, we have many strong leaders who really care about their people. Even my own Mentors feel like they’re a friend first and a manager second. It’s instilled in us that we need to care about the people in front of us and behind us.

At Power, all of our senior leaders make everyone feel supported, heard and valued. They have no problem getting on the frontlines. We look at it as “one team, one fight.”

What has led you to stay at Power Home Remodeling?

The fulfillment I get out of my job: working with incredible people and helping homeowners solve problems. I know what I’m doing has a larger purpose. 

What’s your favorite perk about working at Power Home Remodeling?

The earning potential is definitely at the top of the list. Because the company is growing so rapidly and expanding into new territories every year, there’s so much opportunity to advance and earn a lot of money. Working at Power has afforded me the ability to live a very comfortable and beautiful life. I’ve also appreciated the work-life balance, especially now that I’m a working mom. 

Power has a lot to offer, from leadership development conferences to our annual Women’s Summit and Cultural Diversity & Inclusion Summit to regular team outings and dinners, too. Power has created so much camaraderie across the business and helped me form such strong friendships with my co-workers, something I've never experienced anywhere else.


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