Like Your Favorite Group Chat, But Bigger — 5 Reasons to Create a Group on Fairygodboss

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May 27, 2024 at 12:23PM UTC

Beyoncé wasn't built in a day — and she wasn’t built on her own, either.

To create something truly great takes time, but it also takes the buy-in and support of other people. And if you have an idea for a community, brand or product that you’re passionate about growing, your vision can’t be actualized in a vacuum. You need the right group of like-minded people who see the value in what you’re creating and want to be a part of it. 

Enter FGB Groups.

As an extension of the FGB Community, groups are here to provide a safe, supportive outlet for individuals to find and foster communities around the topics they care about. It’s totally free to create an FGB Group, and there’s no limit to how big your group can get. From groups dedicated to job seekers and surviving burnout to ones centered around crafting your personal style and navigating menopause at work, there’s already a diverse array of groups to join. 

Create an FGB Group

The only thing that’s missing is the group you started. If you’re curious about what creating an FGB Group of your own can look like, check out these five reasons to start one today: 

1. There’s no cost to creating a group on Fairygodboss.

Not only is it totally free to start a group on Fairygodboss, but there’s no cost associated no matter how big your group gets. The same can’t be said of a lot of other social networks.

2. You set the rules. 

Want to create a public group that anyone can join? A private one in which members are approved? How about creating a hidden, unsearchable group, found by invitation only? It’s all up to you. You can choose whether to designate group administrators and moderators, too, as well as draft up a set of group rules for members to reference. 

3. Connecting with your group is a breeze.

A real-time feed supports your group's posts, photos, links and messages, and all of it is searchable and easy to find. If you’d prefer to take your conversations off the feed, FGB Group chats and private messaging options are here to make that happen — and we’ll never delete or limit the number of messages you have, either.

4. You can grow your group with the help of FGB’s existing community. 

Millions of career-minded women turn to us each month for connections, jobs and advice. By bringing your group to Fairygodboss — or by using an FGB Group to establish a brand-new community — you’ll be able to tap into an existing network of female professionals, and you can invite them to join your group. Talk about a prime audience! 

5. By growing a group on FGB, you’re adding a network of supportive women to your corner.

Fairygodboss was founded on a pretty simple belief: that when women band together, powerful things happen. We’re passionate about connecting women for that reason — and so are FGB’ers as a whole. As a woman with an idea you’re passionate about, building a network of like-minded women who are there to champion and support you is more important than ever. Arguably, it’s also more possible than ever — especially if you’re building that network on Fairygodboss. Why not give it a try? Create an FGB Group today

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