Margot Robbie's Spot-On Answer to the Question 'Babies?' Will Make Women Say, 'Same'

Margot Robbie

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Margot Robbie may be playing Barbie in an upcoming movie, but she's not here for your gender stereotypes. 

In a recent radio interview, the actress took on the age-old question that women face all the time: "so, when are you having a baby?"

"I got married, and the first question in almost every interview is, 'Babies? When are you having one?' I'm so angry that there's this social contract," Margot said. "You're married, now have a baby. Don't presume. I'll do what I'm going to do." 
A woman taking agency over her body? A woman talking up the fun parts of marriage instead of making it seem like a dingy baby-making program? A woman asserting her independence over the patriarchy? I have to applaud. 

Her Mary, Queen of Scots co-star, Saoirse Ronan, also chimed in to remind the audience that the question is absolutely sexist. 

"Only women get asked that when they get married. Men don't," she said. Just a subtle reminder that the home and the family are still somehow seen as solely a woman's domain. 
With women getting married and having children later — and with more and more women choosing not to have children at all — it's about time we eave this question in the past. But in case you run into an annoying auntie with a penchant for prying, feel free to channel Margot and tell everyone you're going to do what you're going to do. 
And if you really want to scare her, feel free to channel Saoirse's accent, too.