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Photo Courtesy of Alkami.

Photo Courtesy of Alkami.

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July 24, 2024 at 8:55PM UTC
Alkami Technology, a provider of the nation’s fastest growing and most successful digital banking platform, knows that in order for a business to meet the needs of its customers, it must first exceed the needs of its employees. And that they sure do.
In an anonymous review on Fairygodboss, one woman who’s worked at the company says “Alkami is a company intentionally focused on doing the right thing, and that includes how they hire, invest in people, work with clients and more. It is very important that a company values diverse and different perspectives.” 

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The company, which has also been recognized as one of American Banker’s Best Places to Work in Fintech, actively advocates for the wellness and work-life balance of its employees. Its professional development programs, perks and benefits are more than resources employees can use to build healthy relationships with work and life — they demonstrate the company’s commitment to cultivating an enjoyable experience for employees both inside and outside of work.
We recently got the inside scoop on what those policies look like, as well as what women can expect from pursuing a career here. Check out what Alkami had to say below.
What is Alkami’s mission? 
To be the gold standard in digital banking with a vision to inspire and empower remarkable financial institutions to grow confidently, adapt quickly and build thriving digital communities. 
What are Alkami’s core values? 
Optimistic-Perseverance, Caring-Collaboration, Transparent-Communication, Courageous-Innovation, Trusted-Accountability, and Real-Fun.
What differentiates Alkami from others in this space?  
Founded 10 years ago with headquarters in Plano, Alkami is one of the fastest growing software companies in Texas and among the fastest growing privately held technology companies in the U.S. Alkami builds and delivers the nation’s most innovative cloud-based digital banking (online and mobile apps) for credit unions and banks with over 7 million users on our platform. Through our bold investments in technology and people, our clients confidently grow, adapt quickly and build thriving digital banking communities to compete against the Megabanks. 
Beyond intentional culture, our commitment is to attract and retain amazing talent by fostering a high-growth, dynamic and rewarding environment; providing great benefits; making meaningful investments in learning and development; offering free lunches every work day; celebrating our successes together in remarkable ways; and taking time to give back and volunteer.
Describe some of Alkami’s benefits that women love.
  • Flexible time-off: Or what we like to call, Peak Performance Vacation. At Alkami, we prioritize work-life balance. In addition to 11 paid holidays in 2020, we also provide time away from work as necessary to meet personal needs.
  • Leave policy: We offer generously paid parental leave and free short-term disability.
  • Health insurance: Our employees are covered with medical, dental and vision, benefits as well as other health and wellness perks. 
  • Continuous learning opportunities: Learning never ends at Alkami, and our 24-hour professional development program is proof.
  • Perks: Employees can enjoy free lunch, take a break in our on-site gym or enroll in our Be Well program.
What career development opportunities can female job seekers expect at Alkami? How is career pathing approached?
Investing boldly in the learning and development of Alkamists (our employees) aligns with our culture, specifically “shares knowledge and learns incessantly,” which is part of our Trusted-Accountability value. With a focused commitment to a minimum of 24 hours of learning and development annually for each Alkamist, we believe success comes from a continuous learning culture. We are constantly identifying new and inspiring ways to invest in the development of Alkamists and future talent.
Why should women want to grow their careers here? 
Because of our intentional focus to promote and protect our culture, we are an organization that values and appreciates “diverse perspectives.” We know this to be true, as our Alkamists rate this as one of our highest scores in our employee engagement survey.  
Is there anything else women should know about pursuing a career at Alkami? 
Our actions and behaviors focus not only on our clients, stakeholders and partners, but extend deeply into our investments in our Alkamists and surrounding community. This investment is exhibited through learning, development and well-being initiatives, and our ongoing commitment to giving back. This investment also translates into greater connections, better careers and long-term relationships for our Alkamists.
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