Meghan Markle is Done 'Playing by the Rules' — Here's How She's Changing Up Her Life Post-Baby

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Mark Jones CC BY 2.0

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While most of us would trade places in a second with Meghan Markle, the duchess has undergone extreme public scrutiny since joining the royal family. And the headlines have only gotten more heated since she and Prince Harry got married and had their first child, Archie, earlier this year. But Markle is reportedly done living to appease the press and is going to make her post-baby life even more hers. 
"It’s hard for Meghan in London because the press is so vicious to her there," a source told Us Weekly. "This is her life. But her mentality is like, ‘Well, if this is what it’s going to be like, I’m going to do what I want to do. I won’t play by these rules.'"
While it was already suspected that Markle would shake up royal motherhood, she is reportedly also going to be more involved in the  work expected of her role in the royal family. 
The duchess is reportedly "figuring out what she can do in terms of being active [and more] comfortable with her role" with the support of her husband.  One change Markle has already made? She and Harry recently announced they'd be splitting off their charity work from the Royal Foundation they shared with William and Kate, suggesting a rift between the couples. 
While most reporting on the royal family is rumors, one thing is for sure: Meghan Markle knows what she wants — personally and professionally — and she's not scared to go get it. Who are we to shame her for that? I, for one, love that she's game to break the rules and live the life that she wants. Because if a princess can't do that... what woman can?

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