Meghan Markle’s Old Resume Resurfaced, and We Could All Learn a Thing or 2 From It

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It’s easy to forget that before Meghan Markle was the Duchess of Sussex, she applied to jobs just like the rest of us. Thankfully, one of Meghan’s early resumes has resurfaced to remind us all that she is, in fact, human and that we may one day achieve her level of, well… amazing. 
Recently, a member of Endorse Management Group wrote a Facebook post about the actress applying to their agency. The poster said that despite the fact that Meghan was “lovely,” they weren’t able to get the agency to sign the actress because of her limited credentials. 

Here’s a copy of the whole thing: 

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Plus, a blast-from-the-past headshot: 

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Even though it’s an acting resume, Meghan’s application carries quite a few lessons we could all use. 

1. Everyone starts somewhere.

 Even Meghan Markle started as an extra. Whether you're just starting your career or switching industries, there's no shame in sharing every piece of relevant experience you have no matter how "low brow" it is. And if your resume isn't super full yet, no worries. This is just a stepping stone to your next gig. Who knows? Like Meghan, you might even end up being the star. 

2. You should apply to the job, even if you don’t check every box. 

Speaking of feeling unqualified or underrepresented on your resume, one of the best risks you can take with a job application is applying for a role you don't feel qualified for. No employer is looking for you to be perfect. And who knows, maybe one of your skills is more useful in the role you're applying for than that skill you don't have. Take a leap of faith and put yourself out there, like Meghan did, and you'll be on your way to making it big. 

3. Sometimes your role in the show is more important than where you perform. 

Sometimes there is a pressure to land a job in the Fortune 50 or the most illustrious of Silicon Valley and stay there for your entire career.  While it's never a bad thing to set a goal and hit it, and to do whatever makes you happy within your career, remember that where you work (just like where you study) doesn't mean everything. There's no reason to be discouraged if you don't hit your career goal right out of the gate, or if you've been stalled in making a big career move. Meghan lists plenty of roles she took outside of the premier production companies or stage troupes, and she eventually landed the role she wanted from these experiences. 

4. Connections are everything. 

Meghan lists the coaches and trainers who can attest to her talents right on her resume. And while that may not be a viable option for those of us who aren't in the performing arts, it proves a strong point: having someone to vouch for your strengths can be just as important as a job title or technical skill. Your network is incredibly important to how potential employers see you, and there's no shame in flexing it while you're on the job hunt. 

5. Times New Roman is the best. 

No questions asked. If Meghan Markle wrote her entire resume in bold Times New Roman, it must be the most en vogue font available with our modern processing systems. Time for us all to follow suit (no pun intended). 

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