Mentorship, Support and Learning: Growing a Career at Mentor Graphics (Siemens EDA)

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Stacey Wong

Photo courtesy of Mentor Graphics (Siemens EDA).

June 23, 2024 at 7:13AM UTC

When she was fresh out of college, Stacey Wong had the opportunity to join the Associate Rotation Program at Mentor Graphics (Siemens EDA). Through the program, she received a full year of technical training that enabled her to explore different niches to help prepare her to make the transition to her current role as Corporate Application Engineer. 

“It really helped me grow my knowledge,” Wong said. For example, emulation itself — a critical function of her current job — was not taught at Wong’s college, and she learned all the ins and outs via the Rotation Program.

The Associate Rotation Engineers in this program work together with customers to design the “most complex hardware and software systems in the world” with “applications that span the electronics industry,” notes Wong. Through the training program, engineers like Wong gain “unique insight into our technical marketing, product support, and sales organizations,” and, after completing the 12-month program, engineers can advance into opportunities like Field Application Engineer, Corporate Applications Engineer and Technical Marketing Engineer positions.

Now, in the job she has held for about a year, Wong helps customers resolve the issues that they encounter when using Mentor Graphics’ (Siemens EDA’s) emulator, all thanks to the skills she gained in the Rotation Program.

How Mentor Graphics (Siemens EDA) Aids in Employee Growth

Mentor Graphics (Siemens EDA), is a leader in electronic design automation, enabling businesses to develop electronic products quickly and in a cost-effective manner. Innovation is the name of the game — and so is employee support and encouragement. The company challenges employees to set their own goals, develop skills and grow in their careers.

Mentor Graphics (Siemens EDA) also thrives on collaboration, maintaining a close-knit environment. “The company culture is one where everyone is friendly and looking to help one another,” Wong commented.

One program that supports employees is Mentor Graphics’ (Siemens EDA’s) mentorship program, along with multiple employee resource groups (ERGs) focused on personal growth and networking.

“Having a mentor was extremely helpful, especially being a recent graduate,” Wong said. “Being given the opportunity to shadow others teaches you so much about how to handle different situations that you have never encountered before. Through the guidance of several mentors, I was able to accelerate my technical and personal growth, as well as learn about the best mindset to be in.” 

In order to further help employees hone their skills, Mentor Graphics (Siemens EDA) also offers programs like Tuition Reimbursement and Professional Development Programs. And, because Mentor Graphics (Siemens EDA) seeks to uplift employees so that they can thrive in their personal and professional lives, they also offer benefits like paid maternity leave and an Adoption Benefit Program, in which the employer reimburses 100% of all eligible legal, medical and agency fees related to an adoption, up to $5,000. Moreover, the Wilsonville campus has a licensed and accredited on-site Child Development Center that provides care and education for children up to age five.

But besides the benefits, it’s the work itself that really excites Wong. While she’s still early in her career, she’s working on broadening and honing her technical skills, and she really enjoys the interactions she has every day.

“This job allows me to work with a variety of customers in different industries so I can quickly expand my technical knowledge in diverse fields,” Wong said.


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