Michelle Obama May Be Meghan Markle’s No. 1 Choice for Archie’s Godmother, And We’re Royally Stoked

Michelle Obama

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June 22, 2024 at 7:38PM UTC

Between having a mom like Meghan and grandmas like Elizabeth and Doria, baby Archie, the tiniest British royal, isn’t exactly in short supply for strong female influences in his life. But soon, he may be adding to that lineup in a pretty enviable way — Michelle Obama is allegedly among those being eyed for the title of godmother by the Duke and Duchess. 

While it’s not likely we’ll know for sure who the lucky godparents are ahead of Archie’s christening, taking place sometime in July, rumors began circulating this week that both Michelle and Barack are on the list of contenders. Royal expert — which, sidebar, is a curious title to claim; do people go to school for this? — Angela Levin is credited as starting the murmurings while speaking on Yahoo UK’s show, The Royal Box. 

“I think the Obamas could very well stand there because Harry has always got on very, very well with them,” SheKnows quoted Levin as saying. “And Meghan does, too. And Meghan has used Mrs. Obama to help her understand the royals and how she should do things. She’s used her as a bit of a mentor.”

However, even if Michelle is made a godmother to Archie, it’s likely she won’t be the only one claiming this title. There’s a precedent for royal babies in the U.K. having as many godparents as there are Democratic candidates vying for the primaries in the U.S.; Princess Charlotte has five godparents and Prince George a whopping seven. 

For us, that mainly means we stand a fighting chance of seeing both Michelle and Meghan’s bestie Serena Williams among Archie’s godmother pedigree. Either way, we’ve no doubt the little guy will be in good hands.

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