Moms are Obsessed With This Mom’s Powerful Response to Teen Girls Who Laughed at Her Bikini Body

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Even though we're living in a world of plus sized supermodels, body positive Instagram accounts and Lizzo, many women still fear hitting the beach in a bikini. Body shaming still happens. And when one mom faced it head on, she wrote an open letter to her instigators. 

When visiting the pool with her two sons, Whitney Reimer decided to wear a bikini for the first time in a while. She realized a group of teenage girls laughing and pointing at her while she was taking her shorts off. While she was initially embarrassed, her letter about the shame moms face for the shape of their bodies has gone viral. 

Her first message? She hopes those girls never face shame for what their bodies look like. 

"I HOPE that there never comes a day when you take your babies to the swimming pool, and someone laughs when you take off your shorts,” she begins. “I hope that you never go through the struggles with your little body that I have been through. I hope there never comes a day that your ashamed to put on a swimming suit. I hope you never cringe at your reflection.” 

She continued to share her struggle with endometriosis — and how being shamed for her “mom” body has nothing on the presence of her kids. She also shared some rightful rage towards the mean teens who’ve been taught to hate “unruly” women bodies.

"Your laughter means very little to a mom who’s won a serious battle in putting on that suit. Your laughs have NOTHING on the faces of our children who are thrilled that we are with them, no matter what we look like," she wrote. 
"I’m a mom. I am all about keeping the children happy. Next time you want to point and laugh at someone wearing a swimsuit, come over to my house.We will pull an all nighter together, and then put out the fire to 376 temper tantrums, before noon. I will then take you to the swimming pool where you will be so tired, mentally and physically, to even give two shits about what I am wearing,” she finished. 

Moms online are sending their support.

“You’re gorgeous and strong,” one mom wrote. 
“You are an amazing mother and role model for a generation that needs one,” another commented. “Keep up the great work.” 
You can read the full letter here

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