More Personalization Makes Growing Your Network Even Easier

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From enhanced profile features to better connecting FGB’ers through groups, we’ve been busy at Fairygodboss — all with the goal of making your FGB experience as unique as you are. We’re making that process even easier with our new onboarding experience. Fill out your profile, explore your recommended connections, and learn about everything FGB has to offer to grow your network and elevate your career with a few simple clicks. Read more below on how to get the most out of the FGB Community.

1. Tell Us More

If you haven’t already, create your (free!) account and follow the Get Started prompt. Already an active FGB’er? Simply log-in and click the Get Started button at the top of your screen. From there, you’ll be able to easily fill out your FGB profile with your username, location, job title and more. And don’t worry, if you’re running short on time, any of the screens are skippable and you can return later to finish adding your information.

2. Brag

After you’ve told us all about you, we want to know your skills and interests. Brag about the things you’re really good at or simply want to know more about. You can add interests like “Professional Development,” or  “Gardening,” and include your skills like “Web Development,” or “Public Speaking.” Afterward, you can personalize your feed by picking 3 or more topics to follow. 

3. Grow Your Network

Now that you’ve told us about you and what you’re interested in, it’s time to grow your network with FGB’s recommended connections. Connections allow you to meet other women in the FGB Community on an individual level, and once you’re connected, you can private message each other as well. 

4. Start Exploring

You’ve personalized your experience and grown your network with a few simple clicks. Now, see what else FGB has to offer you. You can explore our (free!) virtual events, share what’s on your mind, and explore your Network page (home to your profile, connections and groups!). 

Get Started!