Multiple Jobs Could Be Hard to Juggle — Here’s How to Manage Them

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Tashay Campbell33
June 23, 2024 at 7:43AM UTC

Whether out of financial need or desire, taking up another job can seem like a great idea. Depending on your motivation for doing so, it can provide well-needed financial help or the outlet you need to pursue your passions. Regardless of your reasoning for finding a second occupation, learning how to balance your time and interests is key to making a seamless transition. 

How do you balance multiple jobs? 

Before you take the plunge into picking up another job, you need to be prepared and do as much as you can to plan ahead of time. After you’ve reflected on these factors, hopefully, finding and committing to a second source of employment will be simple.

Time management.

Your first priority should be making sure that you have enough time to actually take on another job. Having enough time doesn’t only mean you have enough hours in the day to do both but that you're also able to maintain your health and wellbeing. Stressing about getting to your second job or not building in time for yourself can be taxing and result in poor results in both of your occupations.


If you’re taking on a second job out of desire rather than need, it's critical that it's convenient and will work well with your existing schedule. Try to pick something that is close to your current job if you'll be going after work or somewhere close to your home if you'll be there on weekends. Making your second job as convenient as possible will help you to commit to and stick with it longer than if it's a hassle to get there. 


Do you have a natural talent you never get to showcase? Perhaps you’re great with kids and want to work as a babysitter or nanny part-time, or you’ve always been great with people and have a knack for the service industry. Picking a job you like will make the extra working hours worth it. 


Is this a job you want to work at every day or just a few times a month? Consider how available you are and how much extra cash you will need each month before setting a schedule. In addition, make sure your new role doesn’t have stricter time off policies than your primary employment. Otherwise, when you’re ready for your big vacation, you might face an unexpected challenge while requesting time off from your second job. 

What are some benefits of having more than one job?

You’ll make more money.

The main perk of having a second job is having access to more money. If you are running short on cash or looking to save more each month, getting a second job can be a good way to make ends meet. 

It’s a safe way to try something different.

Working more than one job can help you to diversify your résumé and learn about multiple industries at once. If you are thinking about making a switch but you want to try it out first, if your schedule permits, it might be feasible to test out your new career before actually committing to it. 

You’ll learn how to manage your time better.

Before you take on a new role, it might be hard to imagine how you'll get all of your work done and still have personal time. But juggling multiple jobs can help you learn how to manage a hectic schedule. 

What are some drawbacks of having more than one job?

You’ll have less time for yourself.

Working more means relaxing less. If you already have a packed schedule, picking up another job means that you'll have even less free time.

You’ll have to keep up with two schedules.

Not only will you have to make sure you’re on top of things for your primary employer, but you’ll also have to ensure that you’re keeping up with the tasks and responsibilities of your second job. If both jobs are demanding and require preparation time outside of work, it may be hard to balance your obligations to both and remember important deadlines. 

You’ll have to learn two different jobs.

Along with two different schedules, you’ll also have to learn the policies and procedures of your new job.  You’ll also have a new boss and team.

If you’re okay with these downsides and are set on getting a second job, you have all the tools you need to succeed. If you’re looking for a second job and don’t know what to pick up, you can try freelance writing, waitressing, tutoring, babysitting or even retail. Either way, just try to do something that works with you and your schedule — preferably multiple jobs that will not only add a little more money to your wallet but also some joy to your week.

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