New At Fairygodboss: Recent Product Releases

Romy Newman and Georgene Huang

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At Fairygodboss, everything we build has the needs of our community in mind. We know that our product needs to delight and inform busy women who want to get the most out of their career and lives.

To that end, we launched several exciting new product features in the summer of 2018:
  • Job dashboard and improved job search features

  • New site search experience

  • The Fairygodboss Feed

  • Personalized email notifications about your FGB activity

  • Redesigned article pages

  • Season One of Fairygodboss Radio

New Job Dashboard and Job Search Experience

We’re offering a brand new, personalized job search experience for the Fairygodboss community.

Our new job search experience offers FGB’ers a personalized dashboard of job recommendations that:

  • Reflects your search history

  • Suggests job alerts and email notifications that you may add or edit

  • Enables you to follow companies that interest you (including their latest job postings and employee reviews)

  • Allows you to save jobs you’ve browsed and would like to review later

New Site Search Experience

Our new site search functionality showcases four different categories of content: companies, jobs, articles and community posts from the Fairygodboss Feed.

The Fairygodboss Feed

Through the new Fairygodboss Feed, you can share articles, ask and answer questions, and view the latest community activity happening on our site. As a data-driven company, we’ve always offered women a wealth of unique intel, news, and career content. One thing we heard from many FGB’ers, though, is that it would be helpful to access these resources in a streamlined way. Through our interactive feed, members can: easily engage in conversations with each other on pertinent topics like career advice and parenting; comment on FGB and third-party news articles; and share thoughts, third-party links and videos.
In the coming months, we will be releasing personalization options that allow you to build a custom profile and tailor your feed to focus on specific topics of interest (e.g. salary secrets or parenting). Moreover, members will be able to follow HR professionals, career coaches and other experts, as well as connect directly with other FGB members.

Personalized Email Notifications

We’ve recently launched a number of new personalized emails for FGB members. For example, you’ll now be alerted to newly added reviews for companies you’re following, as well as for employers you’ve reviewed. Moreover, you can adjust your preferred communication cadence (from daily, to less frequently). Additionally, we now send FGB’ers information about the posts they make, meaning you can see responses from other members and the level of engagement your post gets.

Redesigned Article Pages

We’re fortunate to have a wide network of female role models, recruiters, and career experts who share their insight with FGB’ers through our robust editorial presence. Now, we’ve kicked our offerings up a notch further with newly designed article pages that more clearly and attractively supply you with content that informs, entertains, and inspires. In addition to benefiting from better layouts and headings, as a reader, you’ll also now have the ability to comment on articles and “like” pieces that speak to you.

Fairygodboss Radio

At Fairygodboss, we’ve been able to generate an enormous amount of written content that helps But some of us simply are auditory learners. That’s why we’re so excited to announce Season One of Fairygodboss Radio, featuring workplace heroines like Cindy Robbins, President and Chief People Officer of Salesforce, and Andrea Gallego, Global Gamma CTO and Principal of BCG. We can’t wait to share the release of Season Two!

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