16 Surprising Jobs That Require No Experience, According to Hiring Experts

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Whether you're an early-stage professional looking to get your foot in the door or you're simply looking for something new, there are many jobs that require no experience you can apply to today. Here are 16 of those roles, along with information on how to apply and what to expect from the application process, according to hiring professionals. 

1. Construction Worker

Median salary (2018): $35,800
"There are a wide variety of jobs that don’t require any experience and can act as the springboard to long-term career success. Many businesses are providing opportunities for apprentices and offering on-the-job training as a means of enhancing the employees’ skills and knowledge," Andrew Fennell, director and career expert at CV-writing company, StandOut CV, told us. 
One such job is construction laborer. While this work seems technical, entry-level construction workers are not skilled tradespeople and generally do not need formalized training or education. The work is often project-based and workers can progress to more complicated projects as they develop their careers. It is perfect for people who enjoy working with their hands and spending time outdoors, as well as people who like to switch roles and responsibilities frequently.

2. Sales Representative

Median salary (2018): $58,510
Sales representatives sell products or services — anything from softwares to beach vacations — to their customers. They may make sales over the phone, at a store front or by visiting clients. It's a role that's best for outgoing, vivacious folks who love to problem solve and improve the lives of others. And while salespeople need to be experts on the product they're selling, formal experience in the field is not always required.
"While sales is a diverse sector, many professional sales positions do not need any previous employment experience,"  Vincent Scaramuzzo, President of Ed-Exec, Inc., told us. "As long as you are personable and are willing to learn about the product, you can easily land and thrive in an entry-level sales position. Sales can be demanding but it also offers anyone with the right skills the opportunity to earn well, meet new people and make an impact in their lives, and even enjoy a flexible work schedule."

3. Digital Marketer

Median salary (2018): $96,597
Digital marketers drive brand awareness and product sales through digital channels like social media and email. It's the perfect role for anyone who is creative, collaborative and internet savvy. And it turns out, according to our hiring professionals, you can get an entry-level role in the industry with limited professional experience. 
"There is no denying that digital media permeates almost every aspect of our lives, which has turned digital marketers into in-demand professionals.. Digital marketing is dynamic, engaging, and offers opportunities for creativity and collaboration, all while paying good money even at an entry-level position," Scaramuzzo said. "While you will need entry-level technical skills such as familiarity with search engines, online advertising and social media, you can secure a digital marketing role without years of experience."

4. Administrative Assistant

Median salary (2018): $39, 850
Working as an administrative assistant requires one to perform routine clerical and administrative duties like organizing files or scheduling appointments. It is great work for anyone with impeccable communication skills who loves to organize and problem solve — and there are limited barriers to entry, according to the hiring professionals we spoke to.
"Administrative jobs have a reasonably low experience threshold because they mostly require soft skills (e.g., time management, communication, problem-solving)," Max Woolf, a Career Expert at ResumeLab, told us. "Hence, no matter your former occupation or lack thereof, there’s a good chance you’ll find new employment in an administrative roles to enhance your income."

5. Freelance Copywriter

Median salary (2018): $47,838
Freelance copywriters provide the language you see on websites, on product packaging, or even on ads on the bus! Copywriting is great work for anyone with a knack for writing — especially with a twinge of brand awareness — and an eye for detail who wants to be their own boss. 
Mark Hayes, Head of Marketing at Kintell, explained to us why it's such a perfect role for creatives with limited experience: "With this one, you can be your own boss. While it may seem hard to break into, remember that every business needs a writer. If you have strong writing skills, put them to work. Even if you don't have experience, there's so much information on the subject. With a little time invested, you can learn how to write effectively and monetize it. Often times, business owners don't have the time to write for themselves. As long as you write clearly and sell it well, you're right on track — and making your client's lives a lot easier, too."

6. Claims Adjuster

Median salary (2019): $66,790
"The best place for recent graduates and even career changers to look for employment in the current era is within the insurance industry," Stacey Giulianti, Chief Legal Officer of the Florida Peninsula Insurance Co., said. "Insurance companies are well known for having top-notch training programs and for welcoming those with diverse backgrounds into their ranks. On the job training is common, and the industry offer is extremely competitive pay and benefits." 
One role that requires little experience in the insurance world: Being a claims adjuster. These professionals evaluate insurance claims. In other words, they inspect property damage or other claims then decide whether an insurance company must pay and if so, how much. For some Claims Adjuster roles, you may need a license. For others, you only need a keen eye for detail and drive.  

7. Underwriter

Median salary (2019): $70,020

Being an underwriter is another great role in the insurance industry for those with limited experience. Underwriters are responsible for deciding whether or not to accept applications for insurance cover, called a 'risk.' They generally examine insurance proposals or applications, conduct research, negotiate the terms of insurance coverage with brokers or clients and determine policies. The best underwriters are highly analytical with strong math skills and close attention to detail. Because this is a complex role, training is normally provided for successful candidates once they receive a job, although employers prefer to see a degree in accounting, finance, economics, law, management or business.

8. Real Estate Agent

Median salary (2018): $48,690
While real estate often requires licensing, it doesn't require any formal professional experience. This factor, along with the benefits of the role, make it a great role for any outgoing person with a passion for hustling, according to Jasen Edwards, head of the Agent Advice Editorial Board. 

"Real Estate can be a great career path for those looking for a change. You can set your own hours, be your own boss and dip your toe into entrepreneurship. Because you're technically your own boss, you can get started right after you finish classes. In most states, you can get your license in just a few weeks and many states even allow you to take the courses online," he said. "Real estate is a very rewarding career path - and the earning potential is high.  For those who complete many transactions, it's not unheard of to make upwards of $100,000 in the first few years."

9. Public Relations Assistant

Median salary (2020): $38,933
Public relations assistants help other public relations professionals build and maintain an organization's public image. Generally, assistants provide administrative support, monitor media coverage, help with press releases or public outreach and complete similar tasks. According to Daniel Snow, the CEO and Founder of The Snow Agency, it's a great role for people with limited professional experience in PR. No specific background is required to work as a public relations assistant, and it makes for exciting work for anyone who is interested in storytelling, branding and building connections. However, a degree in public relations, journalism or another communications field can be helpful in landing this job.

10. Legal Assistant

Median salary (2019): $51,740
Legal assistants support legal teams with a variety of tasks, from administrative work to conducting research. These jobs tend to require one to be a jack-of-all trades and are best for people who are both methodic and looking for work that's a little bit different every day. Working as a legal assistant doesn't require a pre-law degree and backgrounds of all sorts are generally accepted, making it a no-experience-required role, according to Snow. These positions can be a strong bridge into a career in legal support,  risk management, compliance, financial services or several other lines of work.

11. Home Healthcare Provider

Median salary (2018): $24,200
Another no-experience-required role Fennell suggests is home care professional. Home healthcare providers assist patients with taking care of themselves and their homes — their responsibilities often include housekeeping, preparing meals, and bathing and dressing patients. There are no national uniform educational requirements for this role, although some states require you attend preparation classes offered by community colleges and/or vocational schools before you begin working. Additionally, many of these roles do not require previous care experience if you can prove you are a dependable, caring person. It is a fulfilling role for anyone who loves building connections with others and providing a helping hand.

12. Senior Care Provider

Median salary (2018): $25,550
Like a more general home healthcare provider, senior care providers assist older folks with taking care of themselves and their homes — either within their individual residences or at a senior living home. Again, there are no general experience requirements or national uniform educational requirements for this role, although some jobs (especially in stricter states) may require you attend preparation classes before you begin. It is a meaningful role for anyone who loves working with the elderly community or building connections with others. 

13. Customer Service Representative

Median salary (2018): $33,750
Customer service representatives interact with customers to manage complaints, process requests, and provide information about an organization's products and services. These roles often require no experience and little formal education, according to Fennell, with most companies training employees on-the-job. Also, customer service representatives often go on to do other roles within their companies — whether it be managing a team of representatives or moving to another branch entirely — making it a great step in any career. Being a customer service representative is great for anyone with strong communication skills who enjoys problem solving and offering a helping hand. 

14. Restaurant Front of House

Median salary (2020): $43,343

If you love the idea of customer service but would rather be out and about than behind a computer, Kintell suggests taking up restaurant work, especially as a restaurant front of house. The role often requires limited prior professional experience in the restaurant industry, and can be a great foot in the door in the restauranteur world. 

"Much like working in customer service, this role suits confident, outgoing individuals," he said. "The role is a great step up the ladder, and it's valuable consumer-facing experience. You'll make a lot of customers happy while you work with a close, supportive team. What's not to love?"

15. Delivery Driver

Median salary (2018): $32,810
Fennell also points to working as a delivery driver as being a great job opportunity for those seeking a role that requires no experience. Delivery drivers who work for individual businesses often only need to prove they have a valid driver's license and clean driving record in order to be considered for the role — and they're often paid at a similar rate to other staff members, plus tips. Meanwhile, delivery drivers who work for apps like Uber or Postmates benefit from a flexible, work-for-yourself schedule and compensation package.

16. Sanitation Workers

Median salary (2018): $37,260
Sanitation workers keep public and private spaces clean and safe by driving or riding in garbage trucks each day collecting trash from residences and businesses. While it is certainly important work that requires technical skill, these roles often require no formal education beyond a high school diploma and instead offer on-the-job training, making it a solid role for people without professional experience. It is physical work that is best for those who like working with their bodies.