Now Anyone Can Try Oprah's (And 34 Other Famous Women's) Routine, Thanks to This Research


Photo: Bill Ebbesen. CC 3.0

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I am always looking for ways to improve my daily routine (that don't involve a 5 A.M. run, thanks!), and thankfully, some new research has made finding inspiration super easy. 
A recently published book, "Daily Rituals: Women at Work" by Mason Currydetails how many successful women have spent their working days throughout history. BodyLogicMD put together a visualization of Curry's data (along with independent research of their own) to provide a completely Instagram-able summary of a day in each woman's life. 
There's definitely a thing or two to learn from the routines of busy women. Like:

If you want to be a visionary like Oprah, spend a good chunk of your time doing things that inspire you — maybe gardening or spiritual exercises. 

And if you want to perform like Serena Williams, understand it only comes with a ton of practice. 

If you want to unwind like Beyonce after a big project, don't feel bad taking a mid-afternoon nap. 

And if you want to produce world-changing material like Maya Angelou, remember to include time to review your work. 

If you want to do a little bit of everything like Kim Kardashian, don't let anyone make you feel bad for working unconventional hours. 

But if you want to keep a classic schedule that allows for plenty of sleep like Coco Chanel, there's no shame in that, either. 

If you want to feel inspired like Georgia O'Keefe, find a soothing form of self-care — like an evening drive. 

And if you need energy for a big day like Lady Gaga, consider splitting your meals into four (or more!). 

While we may not all be able to spend an abnormal amount of our days on chess a la Gertrude Lawrence, we can all find the daily routine that lets us balance work and play — and hopefully find a job that feels like a little bit of both. Just don't tell Lady Gaga I'm coming for her gig. 

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