Advice Says to Skip This Part of Your Resume — But Experts Say It Can Be Key to a Career Change

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The resume objective statement is an oft-disputed piece of the puzzle. Many argue that it has no place on a resume, while some suggest that it's okay to use it so long as it serves a real purpose and actually adds value. For example, if you're switching industries, you may want to include an objective statement that explains this — so no one reading your resume is wondering about your lack of relevant experience. 

If you do choose to include an objective statement on your resume, here's how to make sure that you write a powerful one.

What is a Resume Objective?

A resume objective is a blurb that sits at the top of your resume and clues people in on what your resume is all about. It's a quick few sentences (sometimes just a sentence or two) about your career goals to give the experiences on your resume some context. It's important to make sure that your resume objective is relevant to the type of job for which you're applying, as well as for the industry. 

When to Use a Resume Objective

Most people agree that a resume objective is a thing of the past. They take up valuable, coveted space on your resume that could be filled with more skills and experiences. But there are times when you might want to use a resume objective, and that includes when you make a massive career change. If, for example, you decide to switch careers and don't have a ton of relevant experience in the new industry, an objective statement would make sense. It gives you the opportunity to explain your resume and answer any questions before prospective employers think of them.

5 Steps to Writing a Great Resume Objective

Here are five steps to writing a powerful resume objective.

1. Keep it short.

No matter what you do, your top priority is to keep your resume objective statement short, sweet, and to the point. The statement should not be any longer than a few lines. You may even be able to write it in one or two sentences. You don't want to take up too much space with this section that you could use to write about your skills and experiences, which are what really matter.

2. Keep it relevant.

Make sure that your resume objective statement is relevant to the new job and industry. If, for example, you're applying for a teaching job but primarily have marketing experience, you want to talk about how and why you're planning to make such a big career shift so that prospective employers in the marketing space can make sense of your resume.

3. Make sure it adds value.

If you're going to include a resume objective statement, make sure that it actually has something to offer and isn't just a bunch of words taking up space. Your objective statement should clearly and concisely give context to the rest of your resume that you can't otherwise convey in the other sections.

4. Make your goals clear.

Your resume already outlines your career history, but what are your career goals? If you insist on including a resume objective statement at the top of your resume, then this is the place to describe your specific goals. Understanding what you're seeking can help prospective employers better judge whether or not there's a fit for you.

5. Use persuasive language.

Your whole resume should be carefully curated with persuasive language. It should speak with conviction. Because your objective statement is the first section people will read on your resume if you include one, these few lines should be strong. Don't just say that you think you're well-poised for the job or industry; convince prospective employers that you are before they even go on to read the rest of your resume. 

50 Objective Statement Examples

Here are 50 examples of resume objective statements for reference while writing your own.


1. I am very motivated business school graduate who is looking for a full-time business position in which I can put my knowledge of market into practice to help your organization boost productivity and profitability.

2. I am a results-driven professional with 10 years of experience in business development, seeking a leadership position that'll enable me to manage a team to better achieve corporate development goals.

3. A skilled problem-solver and critical thinker, I am looking for an administrative position in which I can improve the processes and workflow of your organization by applying my three years of experience in managing various offices.

4.  A reliable laborer with strong technical skills, I am seeking a position that offers steady employment, exciting challenges, and ample opportunities for growth.

5. I am a goal-focused professional seeking a leadership role with a growing company. I am looking to start with a start-up company that's operating from the ground up, where I can apply my problem-solving skills to work toward a common goal.

6. A results-driven clerical professional, I'm in search of a position that would allow me to put my organizational skills, planning capabilities, and problem-solving mentality to work.

7. A passionate leader, I am looking to for a position in business administration that'll allow me to put my conflict-management, organizational, and communication skills from my teaching experience into practice in an office setting.

8. I am searching for an entry-level position as an executive assistant that'll give me exposure into the daily doings of your organization and allow me to put my organizational skills into practice.

9. An experienced entrepreneur, I am seeking a new challenge by working an atmosphere where I can leverage the knowledge I've gained through my own business and apply it to launching new business endeavors.

10. I am looking to secure a position in a fast-paced and dynamic customer-facing setting where I can use my strong communication and sales skills.

By Job Title 

11.  I'm an experienced social media manager with an extensive background in journalism and multimedia communications, looking for an senior-level social media content creation position.

12. I am seeking to leverage my 10 years of client-facing public relations experience in the healthcare industry to help your organization reach its target demographic and establish itself as a leader in this space.

13. A dedicated design graduate, I am seeking an entry-level assistant position at a fashion studio to put what I've been learning into practice in a real-world setting.

14. I'm a hard-working business management graduate with proven leadership skills. I am seeking to apply my management abilities, assisting the CEO at your company.

15. I am looking to obtain the position of ESL instructor at X School, where I can utilize my 5+ years of teaching experience and native language skills to help students improve their English.

16. I am a collaborative team player and aspiring UX designer with critical thinking and design skills seeking to grow my knowledge with a company that offers opportunities for growth and development.

17. I'm an experienced accounting professional with a record of success in managing client's finances for small- and mid-size organizations. I am seeking an opportunity to use my two decades of experience in a larger-cap company..

18. I'm an accomplished leader in marketing communications shifting to a new career path from the corporate world to working with a nonprofit organization. I am looking for an opportunity to marry my passion for philanthropy and my professional experience to create the change I want to see in this world.

19. I'm a driven human resources professional looking to leverage my decade of experience in employee relations to enhance your company culture and ensure that best practices are continuously met to work toward a shared vision.

20. A skilled software developer relocating to New York City and seeking employment with a fast-growing startup where I can bring more than a decade of experience writing code.

21. I'm a current kitchen hand with three years of experience in the restaurant industry in San Francisco. Now, I am relocating to Los Angeles, and I am seeking a sous chef position through which I can grow culinary skills.

22. I am an organized administrative professional with more than 15 years of experience in the nursing industry. I am seeking an opportunity to use my team management skills as an office manager in your hospital.

23. I am an ambitious and communicative sales professional with a track record of meeting and exceeding sales goals with high client satisfaction. I am looking to take my career to the next level as a sales manager with your company.

24. I am looking to apply my six years of experience in the hospitality industry to secure a position with a reputable hotel and apply my education and experience to further promote the success of the hotel.

25. I am a forward-thinking and detail-oriented professional seeking an entry-level position in a fast-paced start-up that'll allow for the application of my UX and UI design skills.

26. I am a patient-focused and friendly caregiver with more than five years of experience working with elderly patients both in their homes and at previous care centers to support their overall comfort and well-being.

27. I am a recently law school graduate looking to apply my education in family law to support the clients at your established firm, directly supporting and gaining knowledge from your attorneys and lawyers.

28. I am a highly self-motivated bookkeeper seeking an accounting position to apply my skills in quantitative and analytical reasoning, financial forecasting, and metric reporting to help secure your ogranization's financial future.

29. I am a passionate and enthusiastic teacher assistant seeking a full-time position in a school where I have the opportunity to grow through directly supporting the teacher in the classroom and interacting with students.

30. As a private school educator with nearly a decade of experience in K–12, I am looking to change gears to work in a public high school.

31. I am an experienced writer with bylines in a number of internationally acclaimed outlets, both online and in print. Now, I am looking to leverage my writing skills to help elevate others' work as an editor in a senior position with your magazine.

32. I am an experience customer service professional searching for a position as a customer service representative to put my communication and organizational skills into practice, attracting and retaining a diverse customer base for your company.

33. I am an approachable and knowledgable human resources coordinator with 20 years of experience, looking to bring your company's talent goals to fruition by attracting and retaining top-performing workers.

34. I am looking to work in a fast-paced and challenging assistant role where I can directly support an executive, learning the ropes of the company while exercising my strong coordination, scheduling, and communication skills.

35. I am an experienced freelance graphic designer with a wealth of clients under my belt. Now, I am looking to work full time for your company to more fully immerse myself in your brand's initiatives and bring your visions to light.

36. I am a highly skilled and tri-lingual United States Navy officer with proven leadership and people-management skills, seeking a position as a military translator.

37. I am seeking a position in a fast-paced, dynamic atmosphere where I can thrive as a manager and apply my people-management and communication skills to lead your company to success.

38. I am a dedicated professional with vast experience in managing a direct sales team. With proven sales results and an extensive brand portfolio, I am seeking a position that offers unique challenges in a fast-paced setting.

39. I am a highly creative cosmetologist with a track record of client satisfaction. I am looking for a position as a professional cosmetologist in a high-end salon where I can exercise the knowledge I have acquired to instill more confidence in clients.

40. I am an innovative and creative interior designer seeking a position in an agency setting to offer my unique ideas with company and client goals in mind.

41. I am a committed and responsible child care professional in search of a position that would allow me to leverage my former teaching experience and make a positive difference on children's lives through direct care services.

42. I am a trained vetineray technician at a highly revered office in Chicago and am relocating to Boston, where I wish to continue saving animal's lives.

43. A licensed and experienced carpenter, I am seeking secure employment with an established company, where I can further develop my craft and grow my career.

44. I am a forward-thinking and innovative landscape architect with lofty visions but a realistic grasp on the industry thanks to nearly a decade of experience working for small firms. Now, I'm looking to take on bigger projects with a larger-cap company where I can help make even more of an impact on our communities.

45. I am a seasoned financial professional seeking a banking position to utilize my quantitative problem-solving and customer service skills.

46. A passionate pet care provider, I am seeking a position to continue training pets with behavioral therapy techniques I've used with all animals.

47. I am a hardworking housekeeper with nearly two decades of cleaning experience and a track record of client satisfaction. I am looking to shift focus from individual homes to larger-scale cleaning assignments with your resort.

48. A friendly and personable flight attendant with two years of experience on a regional commercial airline, I am looking for a position as a flight attendant with a larger, international commercial airline to support and service passengers on long-haul flights.

49. I am a seasoned SEO writer with experience ghostwriting for a number of online publications within the health and wellness space. Now, I'm looking to exercise my SEO writing skills to create compelling copy for your fitness organization. 

50. I am a PR pro with extensive experience in the travel industry but am looking to further develop my communication skills and pursue my passion by switching gears to pursue a career in travel journalism.

How to Include an Objective in a Resume

If you're choosing to include an objective in your resume, make sure that you put it at the top of your resume. It should always be the first thing people read on your resume so that everything that else that follows flows in order from there. Again, your objective should be short and simple without sacrificing value. If it doesn't provide anything more than what your resume already shares, you might as well scrap it altogether.

What's your no. 1 piece of resume objective advice? Leave your answer in the comments to help other Fairygodboss'ers!

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