The 15 Best Online Jobs for Your Digital Side Hustle

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Leesa Davis
Leesa Davis
Long gone are the days of graduating from college and landing a job that will surely pay all of your bills. These days, many find themselves having to get creative and opting for another or multiple side hustles to supplement their income, such as online side jobs.
After a long, hard day of work at your 9-to-5 or 10-to-6, the last thing you may want to do is even think of finding another gig, especially if you already have a long commute. But who knew you could actually earn money online if you had some spare time with a job opportunity you could do at home? Work full-time or part-time to put extra money away each month doing everything from taking on an online tutor job to being some sort of online typist. There's a job posting for everyone.
And what if some side gigs aren’t as demanding? What if you could just dedicate a few hours a week, working right from your phone? Some of these side gigs don’t pay a whole lot but, hey, you won’t feel as bad about grabbing a couple drinks after work or, perhaps, you’ll be able to stash away some money toward that vacation you’ve been planning. We’ve rounded up a few ideas for online side jobs below.

1. Call Center/Customer Support Jobs

Companies like U-Haul offer multiple work-from-home positions including Call Center and Seasonal Reservations Agent jobs. The positions are part-time with paid training and benefits that include a limited medical plan, dental and of course U-Haul benefits. The pay ranges from $10 to $20 an hour and you don’t have to leave your house!
1-800-Flowers, a New York-based floral company, also hires seasonal Customer Service Agents (in select states), especially during peak seasons such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. You would also be handling calls from their other brands like Fannie Mae Chocolates and The Popcorn Factory. 

2. Online Store

If you have patience, one of the best online side jobs is to have your own website to sell products! Sure, just like any other business, there are tons of e-commerce competitors so you would have to make sure your site stands out. Do your research as this market is very saturated, but you can still come up with niche ideas that target a specific audience. You would also have to shell out money to start the site before you make money — but that’s with any business.
If you’re not into the whole starting-your-own-site thing, try selling some of your gently used items online. Sites like AptDeco allow users to buy and sell used furniture. The company also provides transporting of the furniture, from pick-up to delivery, which is a huge plus. Visit Apt Deco to list your item/s. 

3. Online Tutor

Tutoring is ideal for individuals who enjoy teaching one on one and who have strong knowledge in a specific subject area, whether it’s mathematics, English or science. Tutoring also allows for a more flexible schedule and you can put your expertise in a particular area to good use! Just remember, the more qualifications you have, the more jobs and/or clients you will get. There are companies like Brainfuse and SmartThinking, which provide online tutoring job opportunities. 

4. Copywriter

Advertisers and other businesses are often looking for Marketing Copywriters. In addition to top-notch writing skills, companies look for copywriters with superb SEO skills, especially when it’s copy for the web. There are various forms of copywriting such as B2B copywriting, press releases and billboards. It’s not uncommon for both full-time and freelance copywriters to make six-figures. Upwork, considered the mecca for freelance opportunities, is a great place to look for freelance jobs but the site does keep a portion of the pay from the client. You can also visit Wild Bit to look for copywriting gigs and other online side jobs. 

5. Social Media Associate

These days, many companies are obsessed with branding and ensuring their brand is portrayed in a positive image.If you wish to flex your creative skills while satiating your digital appetite, being a social media associate is the perfect gig. And when your mom or significant other complains about you tweeting all day or being on the 'gram constantly, you can justify it saying, “I get paid to do this.” Seriously.
You can work flexible hours (depending on the company) and, with today’s technology, you can pre-schedule posts. Many companies utilize social media associates and social media managers. You can put your tweeting skills to use over at Time Etc., a company that hires social media experts to help clients manage their online presence. Check periodically to see if they’re hiring.

6. Virtual Executive Assistant

Virtual assistants help entrepreneurs grow their businesses by supporting them with office responsibilities. They may have specialized skills in certain areas like editing, research, design, etc. And they can increase their rates depending on the skills they have to offer.

7. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers work entirely online in platforms such as Adobe Creative Suite. There are tons of full- and part-time graphic designer gigs that are remote from which to choose.

8. Foreign Language Translators

Websites like Verbling and Verbal Planet, for two examples, are great platforms for teaching foreign languages, such as English to non-native speakers. You can create your own schedule and teach from behind your computer screen.

9. Music Teacher

Start marketing yourself as a music tutor and grow your clientele from word-of-mouth recommendations. You can teach music lessons via Skype, for example. Or you can use resources to find tutoring positions, such as Tutor Extra.

10. Market Researchers

If you have a marketing background and/or any experience in email or digital ad campaigns, or market analysis, you can totally work remotely. You will communicate with your team over email and through platforms such as Slack.

11. Survey Takers

Many companies are willing to pay you for your time to take surveys from home. My Survey and Valued Opinions, for two exampls, are two popular survey sites that offer paid surveys that are legitimate.

12. Search Engine Evaluators

Search engines like Google and Yahoo! need real people to verify that internet results are of relevancy and high quality. There are many agencies that staff for these kinds of roles, such as Lionbridge and Leapforce. Because you're testing the internet, all you reall need is... internet.

13. Resume Writer

Every working professional needs a resume, but not every professional is adept at creating a well-written resume. That's where you come in, able to offer to help your friends, family and social network with writing their resumes for them.

14. ebook Author

Publishing an ebook can be done through a publisher or through a self-publishing platform like Amazon. You can hire an editor, too, as well as a marketer to help sell your book once you're done writing it.

15. YouTuber

Start a YouTube channel and make videos on something you're knowledgable about! You can earn money from ads on your videos that get tons of clicks.

There are a ton of online side jobs on a ton of websites for any job seeker on the hunt for either a part-time job or a full-time job — and a lot of it is legitimate work that will earn you extra money. If you have spare time and you want to find a job opportunity that offers flexibility, earn money online with any of these home jobs.

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