15 Part-Time Night Jobs

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Finding a job that works well with your schedule can be hard, but we’re here to make it easy! Whether you’re raising your children during the day or you already have a day job and are looking to make a little extra cash, we get it. 

We’ve outlined 15 potential part-time night jobs that work best if you’re booked during the day. 

1. Night School Teacher

Average salary: $40,505

A night school teacher has the same job as a regular teacher but mainly works with adults who can only attend class at night time. Night school teachers are normally part time as well, due to the lack of night-time hours available. Different classes and programs may require different certifications or degrees, but most simply ask you have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in any subject. Help adults achieve their GED’s, teach basic English, writing, and more to those looking to further their education.

2. Medical Sonographer

Average hourly rate: $30.51

Another job with nighttime availability is a medical sonographer, which is also known as an ultrasound technician. These people work nights and weekend hours, as hospital patients are not held to a strict 9-5 timeframe. Medical sonographers use ultrasound machines to evaluate injuries and abnormalities and DETERMINE the severity of said issues. This position requires an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree. 

3. Paramedic

Average hourly rate: $17.31

Another all-night position is a paramedic, or an EMT. These emergency medical technicians work through the night in response to those who need to be hospitalized after-hours. Paramedics are responsible for providing safe, fast and proper transportation of patients to a local hospital, providing necessary care in the vehicle depending on the situation and injury. Paramedics are required to complete a post-secondary program, and some are rquired to receive their associate’s degree. 

4. Rideshare Driver

Average salary: $30,521

Another convenient nighttime job is a rideshare driver. As a rideshare driver, you can create your own schedule and hours, simply signing on when you wish to work and signing off when you want to be free. Rideshare drivers have more opportunities in larger cities with more people, but they are also becoming increasingly more necessary in smaller areas as well. Driver requirements depend on the company and the app, but most drivers are required to pass a background check and a driving record. They also (obviously) must have a valid driver’s license. 

5. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

Average hourly: $12.29

Certified Nursing Assistants work night shifts in hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living facilities. CNAs are expected to watch over and care for patients in their healthcare facility, checking their vitals, feeding them, clothing them, escorting them to daily activities and more. The necessary certification varies by location, but most CNAs obtain a certification that takes anywhere from four to 12 weeks to complete where they learn the basics of their field. 

6. Front Desk Clerk at Hotel

Average hourly: $9.78

Another available nightly gig is a front desk clerk at a hotel or a resort. Front desk clerks help guests check in, ensure everything is running smoothly with their room, and answer any questions they may have. Unlike the previous jobs, most positions do not require anything past a high school diploma, and the candidate will be trained on the job for her duties. 

7. Freelance Writer

Average hourly: $23.85

Freelance writers and editors work for a variety of online and print outlets, as well as companies who need content writing and marketing material. Typically, freelance writers have specific deadlines they must meet but since they do not work in a traditional office setting, they do not have traditional office hours. Freelance writers are also capable of making their own schedules, meaning they can choose to work less or more, depending on their availability.

8. Customer Service Representative

Average hourly: $13.66

Customer service representatives offer support to customers and clients at all times. They answer client questions, help with any product issues that arise, refer callers to the proper department and more. Plus, essentially all companies need customer service reps, so jobs are available most everywhere. And, it’s another position that typically only requires a high school diploma. 

9. Residential Counselor

Average hourly: $13.14

Residential counselors work for high schools, colleges and technical schools to help troubled students. They work with students who have special needs or who require monitoring due to substance abuse or mental illness. A lot of residential counselors work overnight in order to provide emotional support as needed. Most of these positions require a high school diploma, while others may prefer if the candidate has college courses in social work and psychology. 

10. Casino Dealer

Average hourly: $9.77

While this job may not be for everyone, it does offer great part time work at night. Plus, many dealers make great tips in addition to their hourly rates. And, on slower nights, they are normally allowed to leave early unless traffic begins to pick up. Also, most casinos only require you are trained in a specific casino game.

11. Bartender

Average hourly: $7.98 (plus tips!)
Another job that does not require further education is becoming a bartender. Bartenders, like casino dealers, make great tips as well as have nighttime hours, due to party-going night owls. Enjoy an evening shift and even weekend hours. 

12. Babysitter

Average hourly: $10.22

Babysitting can offer a more relaxing, part-time schedule for those interested. In larger cities, babysitters can make very decent money, and there are many apps and websites dedicated to helping you find the family for you! Try Care.com, SafeSitter, UrbanSitter and more. Work for a family who needs a night time nanny due to their own late shifts. 

13. Merchandise Stocker

Average hourly: $10.67

A merchandise stocker works in a retail company, a grocery store or a warehouse to take inventory of stock. They pick up and place merchandise in the store in its right spots, as directed by the company itself. They mainly work late hours while the store is closed, and the majority of the time, they work by themselves, which also provides schedule flexibility. 

14. Food App Delivery Person

Average hourly: $13.91

If you do not want to drive others around in your car, choose to deliver food instead! Food delivery apps like Uber Eats, Seamless, Grubhub and more are constantly looking for more delivery people. And they offer flexible hours, as you can sign on and sign off as you please. Plus, in larger cities, these positions are available late at night, as people are always ordering food, especially on the weekends. Enjoy tips as well!

15. Air Traffic Controller

Average salary: $85,115

Surprisingly, you don't need a college degree for this job, but you do need to attend the Federal Aviation Administration Academy. Just as planes are expected to work through the night, so are air traffic controllers. 

Air traffic controllers monitor aircraft location both on the ground and in the air around the airport. They must have strong communication skills, as they are expected to stay up-to-date with other airport staff on their departure and arrival times, as well as on weather updates and runway issues.

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