Top 11 Pregnancy Bands To Support Your Growing Belly

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Sarah Landrum20
July 21, 2024 at 1:27PM UTC
Pregnancy is a wonderful experience for most people (minus the morning sickness), but you will eventually reach a point where it hurts your back to continue supporting your belly while standing. You may have a closet full of maternity clothes, but if you want some extra matenity support, belly bands are the perfect solution. They're soft, stretchy bands you can wear, designed to help support your growing belly while taking some of the pressure off your back. Even if you've found the perfect pair of maternity pants, you may want a belly band for some additional support during the latter months of your pregnancy. That's why we’ve gathered the best pregnancy bands to help you enjoy your last trimester.

1. Prenatal hip brace, $42

For a bit of subtle support, the Prenatal Hip Brace is one of the best options. The thin support band provides support for your hips and lower back and is invisible under your clothes. It’s also provides great support after pregnancy for women who’ve had a C-section. While it might not provide the best overall belly support, it’s an ideal choice if you’re experiencing hip pain or round ligament pain during pregnancy.

2. Gabrialla maternity belt, $38

It’s important to stay active during pregnancy, but in the later months, it can be hard because of the extra weight you’re carrying. The Gabrialla Maternity Belt is one of the best maternity belts on the market for active mothers and mothers-to-be. It’s not as stretchy a support band as some of the other belts on the market, primarily because it contains Lycra, but that lack of stretchiness equals superior support. This adjustable belt fits snugly around the small of your back and supports your belly.

3. Prenatal cradle plus V2 supporter, $75

Sometimes, a little bit of underbelly support doesn’t cut it, which is why belts like the Prenatal Cradle are designed to use your entire upper body to support your belly. This full coverage maternity band uses lower and middle back bands, shoulder straps, and a band that passes between your legs to spread the weight of your belly across your body. It’s also another good belt for post-surgical compression if you have a C-section.

4. Azmed maternity belt, $20

Summer pregnancies are great — you can go swimming to take some of the weight off your back, and you don’t have to worry about bundling up your baby bump. However, the heat of those summer months can be downright unbearable, especially if you’re adding extra layers like a maternity belt. The Azmed belt is the perfect solution for hot summer days because it provides support with breathable material that fits under your maternity clothing.

5. Brace belly, $13

A bit of invisible support is what you need, especially if you’re on your feet all day. Maternity belts like the Belly Brace pair a back brace and belly band with an additional over-the-belly strap that helps to balance the weight of your growing belly. A strong Velcro closure makes this belt infinitely adjustable for bellies of all sizes.

6. Belly belt, $12

Finding shirts you can wear that keep your belly covered in the last trimester can be a nightmare. Add that to the stress of back pain and you might find yourself wanting to toss your entire wardrobe. The Belly Belt provides full coverage support that is invisible under your clothes but can provide coverage if your shirt doesn’t quite cover your growing belly.

7. ZarazzA maternity belt, $28

Sometimes what you need is a bit of extra support that will expand with you as your belly grows, and the ZarazzA Maternity Belt is proof that less is more. This Velcro-secured belt provides simple, adjustable support that disappears under your clothes. It’s an underbelly belt, so if you need extra support it might not be the best choice for you, but it will help to take the pressure off your back.

8. Babo care, $17

The best belly bands are adjustable — your belly grows as your baby does and if you’re retaining water or feeling bloated, a non-adjustable belt could quickly become uncomfortable. The Babo Care maternity belt is designed to be worn under your clothes, providing adjustable support and breathable fabric that helps keep you cool during warmer months.

9. NEOtech care maternity belt, $27

Breathable elastic sides, secure Velcro straps and an over-the-belly strap are all the pieces that you need for the perfect maternity belt. The adjustability is what makes the NEOtech belt one of the best on the market — you can easily adjust the sides and straps to fit the changing size of your belly.

10. Dreambaby bump belt, $21

This might not seem like a maternity belt, but it’s designed along the same lines. The Dreambaby Bump Belt is a car accessory for pregnant women to ensure that they can ride comfortably in their later trimesters by keeping the lap belt safely below your belly bump. It can be hard to keep the belt positioned properly, especially in your third trimester.

11. Postpartum support belt, $24

Pregnancy isn’t the only time you might need a support belt.  This Postpartum Support belt is designed to help you recover your shape and support your core muscles after you’ve had your baby and while you recover. These belts can be worn over or under your clothes, fit snugly with adjustable Velcro closures, and are crafted with breathable fabric to make them comfortable no matter when you wear them.
There are plenty of belly bands that are only designed to keep you from showing skin, but if you need a bit of support, maternity belts are the best option.

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