12 Presentation Tools (PowerPoint Alternatives!)

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Valerie L. Sizelove
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The last time you sat through a boring PowerPoint presentation, you might have internally decided what you’d have done better had you been the one standing up there instead. 
To start, you probably wouldn’t be using PowerPoint. That’s because you know that there are tons of alternatives for presentations out there, just waiting to be found. 
Whether you’re a student, teacher, or presenting in a business setting, there’s a presentation solution for you. Here are just a handful of alternative presentation tools for you to check out the next time you’re in for a presentation.

1. Visme

This online presentation app is in the “cloud,” so multiple users can link up to your presentation, making collaboration a breeze. The business edition enhances brand placement across presentations and also has a built-in analytics system. 
This presentation platform is great for small or large business groups who want to work on a presentation as a team. The cost ranges from $20 per month for one user to $60 per month for three users. You can try out a free live demo to test the product out before you buy.

2. Pitcherific

This is an interactive presentation tool for those who pitch ideas or sales. It walks you through the process of creating your pitch, while making you input items yourself for the best training experience. It actually improves your pitching process.
The program contains many templates to be used for pitches or presentation appearances. This way, you can learn how to make a variety of presentation types. Pricing for this program depends on each individual business, so it is publicly unlisted. 

3. SlideCamp

Meant for larger companies, this presentation program allows you to pre-design slide templates to be used across the company. It helps maintain presentation consistency and ensures that branding is correctly displayed across the board.
Users can import charts, data, infographics and more when creating slides. There is a demo version that can be tried out by your company first. After that, the cost ranges from $49 to $499 per month, depending on how many people will use the program and your individual company needs.

4. PowToon

You can create animated messages and record videos using PowToon software. This program is meant for those who want to focus on getting their brand out there, because audio-visual tools are a great way to catch attention. 
All videos are user-friendly and easy to edit so that you can send your message to the world without stress. While there is a free version of PowToon available, users can upgrade to $19 and $59 per month plans which come with many more features.

5. Microsoft Events

This one’s a little different. The Events program allows you to display meetings and presentations live in Microsoft 365. They can be viewed live or on replay by co-workers who can’t make meetings and those who work remotely. The meetings are can also be closed-captioned for viewers’ convenience.
To use this program, you must be a subscriber to the Microsoft 365 plan. There is not any extra cost after that. As a bonus, Microsoft Events is integrated with the rest of your Microsoft 365 data.

6. Prezi

Using this free online presentation platform, you can create visual aids using web designs. Viewers progress through the web as the presentation is given, which helps them understand the bigger picture. 
It’s also easy to navigate back-and-forth through each part of your Prezi presentation intuitively. It’s a very user-friendly program and a great way to spruce up a boring presentation. Public speaking has never been easier.
Be careful, though, because the presentation-creation process allows you to sift through lots of detailed choices. If you’re any type of perfectionist, you might spend some good time designing your presentation.
Prezi is available in both individual and business formats, and comes with more perks if you pay.

7. Haiku Deck

This is a free iOS app that allows you to create simple, clean presentations. The simple design forces you to stick to the basics instead of focusing so much on intricate presentation bells and whistles, like other presentation programs.
The program sources free images for you to use, making that part of the often-long process a breeze. Finally, you can share your Haiku Deck presentation on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in an instant. 

8. Canva

Canva makes it easy for you to create an entire host of charts, diagrams and visual aids for your presentations. Your data can be displayed in ways that are easier for your audience to envision, thanks to the availability of templates here.
While it’s free to use the design platform, many of the cooler advanced features are locked unless you have a membership. The membership costs $12.95 per month, or $119.40 annually. If you’re in need of a creative boost, Canva may be the answer.

9. Oomfo

If you must use PowerPoint, at least spruce it up a little with a little “oomph,” i.e. graphs and charts.
Oomfo is another tool that allows you to organize your data into eye-pleasing visuals. This program can be downloaded as a presentation plug-in for PowerPoint, and imports charts based on Adobe Flash programs. 

10. Projeqt

This is a great presentation tool for students, who can share, upload and edit shared presentations and projects from anywhere. 
The user-friendly program allows you to insert social media elements such as Tweets and blog feeds to make your presentation relevant and attractive to a modern audience. 
Teachers may benefit from using this program in the classroom, because it encourages creativity in students and sparks enthusiasm about presentations and group projects. 

11. emaze

This program comes in a free edition and allows you to create unique presentations, complete with animation between slides. You can include images, text, videos and more in your presentations through emaze. 
This software is ideal for teachers, students and business presenters alike. 2D and 3D presentations catch the eyes of your audience and create a presentation that won’t be forgotten.

12. VideoScribe

Use this whiteboard video service to create compelling presentations with a realistic whiteboard effect. Just as the name sounds, the interface allows you to compile presentations as if they were going straight onto a physical whiteboard.
You can upload images or choose from a large clip art gallery. Import or choose background music as well to make your presentation more fun. The program boasts a quick and easy interface so that you can spend more time conceptualizing your presentation, not worrying about logistics.
There's a week-long free trial, and then the paid version costs $14 to $35 per month, depending on which plan you choose.

Say Goodbye to Boring Presentations

With so many presentation tools available straight from the web today, there is no reason you have to stick to boring PowerPoint presentations. Whether you’re looking for free or paid presentation program options, everyone could use a little more creativity in their presentations.

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