9 Ways to Preserve Your Peace of Mind

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July 24, 2024 at 12:30PM UTC

Your paradise is relative. It's not always palm trees and aqua blue waves. In fact, it never is. It's only the peace you bring with you — the peace you create. 

And because your peace of mind is as important as your physical health, we've rounded up nine ways to help you raise your vibrations and keep them there.

1. Start journaling.

Journaling requires little effort, yet offers great reward. Like tugging at a string of yarn, it has a way of pulling your emotions out of yourself, and doesn't require any outside judgement, rubric or response in return. 

Use journaling as a way to flush out your emotions. Whatever comes out, however it comes out — just let it. You can read it when you're done, or you can close the book like I do. Either way, you've cemented it. So, out of sight, out of mind!

2. Protect yourself from information overload

These days, information is available at the click of a button, the scroll of a screen or the blink of an eye. It's overwhelming to try and discern between fact or fiction in persuasive rhetoric all the time when our relationships with the world make us susceptible to exposure.

You can take an active role in combatting information overload by setting screen limits on your phone or actively listening to the information you actually want to hear. You can even go as far as I do by catching up with current events on your favorite websites in lieu of the (sometimes dispiriting) evening news.

3. Alleviate stress at work.

Stay calm, cool and collected at work by setting an intention for your day. Root that intention in a desirable feeling, rather than a measurable goal. That way, you won't drive yourself crazy trying to hit a number rather than your preferred emotional space. 

Set boundaries, too. Hold yourself to certain expectations if you know they'll reach certain outcomes — like refusing to check your email before you clock in so you can experience a calmer morning routine. Also, plan your day so you can keep yourself on track for completing your work and setting aside some time for yourself.

4. Welcome good stress.

Did you know that not all stress is bad? Eustress, or good stress, occurs when you experience extreme excitement or nervousness, like you would on the slow ascend of a rollercoaster ride or walking onstage for a big presentation.

But just because those butterflies are flapping wildly in your stomach, doesn't mean you need to clip their wings! Take a few deep breaths and close your eyes if you can, to help you focus on the present moment. The more in tune you are with the present, the more deeply you'll experience its hidden rewards.

5. Manifest abundance

Whether it's money, or true love, or good health you seek, you need to believe it can be yours before it actually is. Open yourself up to the highest good and abundance, so you can set clear intentions for summoning it.

Once you've aligned your mind, body and spirit with your intention, express gratitude toward what comes to you. You're in full control of your attitude and actions for this one — but do be open to how The Universe fulfills your request. The key here is to believe that the outcome will be better than what you can possibly imagine, so that it actually can be.  

6. Practice self-care.

Practice self-care like your life depends on it! That could look like lush bath bombs, pleasure reads and fragrant incense, it also includes unfollowing discouraging social media accounts or scheduling payments toward your credit card.

Self-care is a never-ending cycle of doing and undoing, being and becoming, in no particular order. Which is fitting — because you're both a masterpiece and a work in progress, all at once.

7. Don't try to figure it all out

It's natural to ask yourself, "What am I doing with my life?", "Why am I here?" or the most common (and sometimes comedic) question, "What is life?". But instead of worrying about the answer, enjoy the fact that you are doing something with your life (even if you don't know what it is) — and that you do exist — and that there is life! 

You don't need to have it all figured out. What does that even mean, anyway? Plus, none of us know what we're doing — we're just making it up as we go! So, do what feels good for you, lean into the energy you love most and enjoy the journey while you still can.

8. Protect your space and energy.

Stay away from people or places that feel like black holes to you. Likewise, get familiar with your own energy to make sure you aren't pulling yourself down. 

Define your personal space including physical touch and immediate environment, set emotional boundaries so you don't overextend your empathy and set mental parameters so you're not easily — or negatively — swayed.

9. Most importantly, love yourself.

Don't let the world miss out on the greatness that is you by hiding in fear or low vibrations. Do whatever floats your boat, as long as it doesn't sink someone else's and take up as much space as you need to; the world will make room.
Achieving — and eventually preserving — your peace of mind is going to take practice. You're still going to have bad days, you may still struggle with triggers and we all must coexist in this unpredictable world.  
But, we're allowed to feel whatever emotions come to us — deeply, honestly and hopefully. So cheers to thriving through it the best ways we know how!

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