The Program Manager Cover Letter You Need (Template Included!)

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Over the past 20 years, demand for program managers has grown, thanks to program management's increased visibility in the software and marketing industries. 

What is a program manager?

Program managers — not to be confused with project managers, who oversee the operations of individual projects within programs — are responsible for articulating programs' strategies, objectives and assessment metrics. They're also responsible for defining and overseeing the dependent projects needed to reach a program's overall goals. 
If this sounds interesting to you, read on to find a program manager cover letter template that'll help you clearly articulate your suitability for this type of job and help you land an interview (and if you're looking for a program manager resume, we have that too.).

Program Manager Cover Letter Template

[Your Name]
[Your Phone Number]
[Your Email Address]
Dear [Hiring Manager Name],
I'm writing to apply for the Program Manager position at [Company]. As a [descriptor about yourself] professional with [experience], I am confident that I am an ideal candidate to fill this position. 
In my time working as [your last relevant role] at [your last relevant company], I [insert description of your last relevant role's responsibilities]. I achieved [insert one or more accomplishments at your previous role]. I am familiar with [professional software you're familiar with], as well as [additional professional or technical software you may be familiar with, especially project management software if applicable]. 

My previous [managers/coworkers] have commended my skills in: [list relevant skills and discuss how you've used them to succeed in a work environment].

Furthermore, I also have a strong academic background to ground my work. I am [insert a description of your academic background]. During my time at [insert your educational institution], I studied [discuss relevant topics]. This allows me to [describe how your education is relevant to the role]. 
I have included my resume outlining my qualifications, and am eager to discuss this role if you're interested. I believe that my experiences and qualities would make me a strong addition to [Company]. If there is any more information you would like me to provide, please do not hesitate to contact me. 
[Your Name]
You can also refer to other cover letter examples to help craft a professional, polished cover letter that suits your needs. These articles are a good start for additional cover letter templates and guidelines: 

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