The 26 Best Project Management Tools

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Laura Berlinsky-Schine
Laura Berlinsky-Schine

Whether you are a professional project manager, manage one or more team projects as part of your job, or need to keep track of independent and personal projects, it can be difficult and hectic to juggle different aspects of assignments and tasks—not to mention all the various projects you have on your plate. So how can you make your projects and to-do lists more efficient and organized? Fortunately, there are plenty of project management tools available to help you streamline processes and workflow.

Here are 26 of the best project management tools available to help you streamline your team’s workflow and stay on top of all your projects and tasks in alphabetical order.

The 26 Project Management Tools

1. ActiveCollab

Available on a cloud or self-hosted, ActiveCollab allows you to keep track of all aspects of a project in one place. You can manage tasks and workflow, collaborate with other team members, coordinate through a shared calendar, track time and money spent, and store and pay invoices. 

Price: Starts at $25/month for up to five members

2. Agile CRM

Through Agile CRM, you can manage contacts, track sales and other deals, share your calendar, schedule appointments, and manage projects with drag-and-drop task lists. Special features include one-click calling, phone scripts, and gamification of the sales process.

Price: Free for 10 users or fewer; Starter, the next-cheapest model is $8.99 per user/month

3. Aha!

Ideal for larger teams taking on numerous projects simultaneously, Aha! is road mapping software that brings together different teams and aspects of project management in one place. Users can plan out timelines for their projects as well as keep track of daily tasks.

Price: Premium starts at $59 per user/month; discounts available for startups

4. Asana

Asana helps you organize your project through lists, boards, calendars, and timelines. You can also map your projects out visually to see the steps over time and keep track of every stage of the project.

Price: Basic model is free for teams of up to 15 members; Premium, the next-cheapest model, is $9.99 per member/month

5. Basecamp

Storing documents, emails, and other tools in one system, Basecamp allows you to organize and keep track of everything on your plate. You can also establish and discuss goals through a message board and chatroom and manage documents in the document repository.

Price: $99/month; free for teachers and students; discounts available for nonprofits

6. Casual

Casual’s visual approach to project management helps you see your project and progress over time. Teams can plan and manage projects as simple workflows through the tool.

Price: $7/month for individual users; starts at $21/month for groups of up to five members

7. Clarizen

This cloud-based software allows you to configure and automate workflows, align communications, see real-time data, and track progress. A flexible interface enables team members to customize their experience to fit their workstyle. 

Price: By quote 

8. Evernote

More than just a note-taking platform, Evernote allows you to store all your data in one place, enhance notes with multimedia features, create to-do lists, and sync your workflow and tools across multiple devices. You can customize your experience through integrations.

Price: Free basic version; Premium version is $7.99/month; Business version is $149.99 per user/year

9. Jira

Specifically for agile software teams, Jira allows you to plan, track, store up-to-date information and data, and use visual data to see real-time results. Special features include custom filters, customizable workflows, and developer tool integrations.

Pricing: Starts at $10/month for teams of up to 10 members

10. LiquidPlanner

See real-time insights, prioritize efficiently, and see the impact of your project visually through LiquidPlanner. Schedules automatically update when plans change, and you’ll be able to see projections of when you will complete tasks under different scenarios.

Price: Starts at $45 per user/month

11. Mavenlink

Through Mavenlink, you can improve your project performance by having all your tools and content in one place and tracking your results in real time. Special features allow you to stay on top of costs and view the project as a P&L.

Price: Starts at $19/month for five users

12. Monday

Monday allows you to keep track of tasks, projects, missions, to-dos, and team member roles on a single board. This enables you to communicate easily, manage and keep track of your timeline, and quickly find tools and documents without flipping back and forth between screens.

Price: Starts at $25/month for 5 users

13. Paymo

Ideal for small businesses, Paymo is a customizable app that enables you to streamline many aspects of your workflow including planning, scheduling, task management, time tracking, and invoicing. 

Price: Free for personal use; starts at $9.56 per user/month for teams

14. Podio

Podio organizes all your project management tools and documents in one place. Through customizable features, you can choose the overview and add-ons that work best for you and your team.

Price: Free for teams of up to five members; starts at $9 per user/month for larger teams

15. ProjectManager

Plan, budget, schedule, execute, and report on projects through this all-encompassing cloud-based software. 

Price: Starts at $15 per user/month for teams of up to five members

16. Quire

Break down goals, prioritize tasks, and map out goals and ideas visually through Quire. The app is based on the concept of trees branching out, just as ideas grow and produce new ideas.

Price: Free

17. Redbooth

Redbooth’s simple design allows teams to plan and track their work. You can view visual project timelines, predict assignees and due dates for tasks, delegate assignments and responsibilities, create tasks from emails, turn processes into templates to use again and again, and more.

Price: Starts at $9 per user/month

18. Scoro

Scoro helps organizations improve efficiency by bringing together teams, projects, sales, and reports together in a single application. Features include financial reporting, invoicing, and a visualized dashboard.

Price: Starts at $22 per user/month; requires a minimum of five users

19. Slack

Emphasizing collaboration, Slack provides a single place to message team members, store and deliver tools and files, and organize conversations by different channels. Special features include searchable history, voice and video calling with screen sharing, and integration with other project management tools. 

Price: Free for small teams; next model is $6.67 per active user/month

20. Smartsheet

Smartsheet allows you to manage customer onboarding, automatic processes such as approvals and status updates, streamline marketing campaigns, manage organizational budget and planning, and streamline your facility programs through one platform. Special features include real-time visibility and the ability to identify and share best practices and keep team members informed about project tasks and statuses.

Price: $14/month for individual use; starts at $25 per user/month for businesses

21. TimeCamp

Through TimeCamp, you can track productivity, time, activities, and more. You can also evaluate the performances of individual contributions, invoice directly through the platform, and integrate with other project management tools.

Price: Free for personal use; starts at $5.25 per user/month for teams

22. Trello

Trello’s customizable project “cards” and pre-made templates allow you to keep track of projects through an easy-to-use interface. You can add due dates and members to projects and leave comments.

Price: Basic version is free; next model is $9.99 per user/month

23. Workfront

With this platform, you can centralize projects, enable collaboration, and automate processes. Special features include a time-saving function and easy integration with common tools such as Google Drive.

Price: By quote

24. Wrike

Through Wrike, you can see the real-time progress of your project and collaborate and communicate with team members. A customizable dashboard allows you to prioritize and keep track of goals.

Price: Free for up to five users; starts at $9.80 per user/month for up to 15 users

25. Zenkit

Customizable modules allow you to personalize and optimize your workflow. Choose the tools that best suit your needs and those of the team and project—from activity tracking to to-do lists.

Price: Free for personal use; starts at $9 per member/month

26. Zoho Projects

Through Zoho, you can plan your project, assign tasks, collaborate with team members, manage deadlines, and track the progress of projects.

Price: Free for up to five users and two projects; starts at $20/month for up to 15 users

Finding the project management tool for you

Nearly every organization and company needs to keep track of deadlines, workflow, team members, assignments, and other aspects of projects. Project management tools can make your life a lot easier as you juggle tasks and projects. 

Depending on the needs of you and your organization, you’ll probably find some tools more appropriate for your projects than others. Fortunately, you can take many of these tools for a free test drive before paying for the software. 

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