Promoting Wellbeing and Flexibility: How This Company Embraces Work-Life Balance

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April 14, 2024 at 11:12AM UTC

GlobalFoundries® Inc. (GF®) celebrates diversity and inclusion, empowering its 15,000-person global team to learn and grow. And, at the heart of its diversity and inclusion journey, is a dedication to increasing the representation of women. One of the ways they do so is through their flexible working policy.

GF understands the challenges of balancing work and life. And, when life events happen — big or small — GF wants to ensure that their employees are fully supported. Due to this, GF works to identify and implement flexible solutions to better support employee work-life integration and wellbeing.

“Our solutions are designed to better support our diverse workforce and offer a more inclusive culture that allows our employees to better integrate their life into work at GF,” says Emma Cheer, global diversity and inclusion leader. “Work flexibility is important at GF because it improves our employees’ engagement and wellbeing, increases morale, attracts a broader talent pool, and promotes higher retention and business results.”

Afterall, GF is most successful when their employees can contribute in a way that works for both business and themselves. That’s why the company offers paid parental leave, which can be taken all at once or intermittently over the first year. GF also offers partially remote and fully remote opportunities, part-time options, flexible hours and other flexible work solutions for employees across the globe.

“As a  semiconductor manufacturing company, an on-site centric culture is important to maintain operations and deliver for our customers, but we do build other flexible options into shift team benefits such as floating holidays and shift flexibility,  ” states Jordan Steller, senior director of HR. “Additionally, with sites across the U.S., Europe and Asia, there are many roles that can be done partially remote, in which an employee can split their time between a remote work location (e.g., home office) and a GF site, and even some roles   that can be done fully remote (e.g., sales/business development).”

Having a high degree of work-life balance increases feelings of personal control over work-life balance, boosts morale and mental and physical wellbeing, increases engagement and productivity and helps employees feel more satisfied with their jobs.

And this flexible working policy also helps the company! It attracts diverse top talent, improves retention, boosts engagement and productivity, and is cost-efficient and eco-friendly.

What women have to say about GF’s flexibility. 

“Wellbeing and balance are so essential in our ability to operate at our best,” Courtney Baldwin, principal lead compensation, tells Fairygodboss. “Whether flexing my own working hours or my location of work, to taking a little time for me, flexibility and wellbeing enable me to bring my best to GF each day. I am a better employee, a better mom, wife… the list goes on.”

Other women agree.

“Work-life integration is important to me as it allows me to be the best version of myself (mom, wife and professional),” Amanda Blair, principal HR business partner, adds. “I feel supported to create a personal balance that allows me to prioritize my personal life without feeling guilty. I feel proud to call GF my employer, and my family couldn't be happier to have more quality time with me.”

Beyond flexibility, GF offers customized mentoring programs, opportunities for professional development and partnerships with external educational and professional affiliates. Plus, GF’s largest employee resource group is GLOBALWOMEN, an alliance of women and men working in partnership with allies to drive initiatives that support the professional development of women at GF.

It’s no wonder that the majority of women say that they are treated fairly and equally to men, would recommend GF to other women and believe their CEO supports gender diversity.

GF is hiring, and you can be part of this empowering team, too! 


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