How to Approach Your Next Interview If You Really Want to Achieve Job Satisfaction

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Job interviews can be nerve-racking, but they also provide opportunities to learn more about prospective employers. Fadoua Chafik-L’Herron, a Senior Staff Engineer at Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., (QTI) encourages those on the hunt to think about the type of job, team and company they want to work for. Apply for the jobs you like, even if you may lack some of the qualifications, and “during the interview, be bold and present and ask questions.”

For Fadoua, this mindset was crucial to landing a position at QTI, where she finds a “high level of intellectual satisfaction” and appreciates the “amazing benefits and social opportunities for employees.”

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Fadoua recently shared with Fairygodboss what drew her to QTI (and what she loves about working there), the most memorable career advice she’s received, and what she looks for in a boss. 

What’s the most unique or interesting aspect of your job?

I’m an engineer working on process technology. I love my job at QTI because it brings a high level of intellectual satisfaction. We solve technical challenges every day, and the most exciting part is that we have carte blanche to innovate and there’s no pressure to do it a certain way.

Everyone is encouraged to look for opportunities to learn and grow. Qualcomm appreciates the diversity and talents of its employees and how diverse viewpoints can positively impact the business. The Qualcomm Global Inclusion & Diversity team, for example, offers many initiatives and programs. They also have eight employee networks that ensure employees feel welcome and included so they can be their best at work.

What should people know about Qualcomm? 

Qualcomm is an engineering-driven company, and its focus is on innovating and inventing products that change the way we live, which is an exciting environment to work in for any engineer. Qualcomm also offers amazing benefits and social opportunities for its employees to connect with each other, develop soft skills, give back to the community, and take care of their families.

What’s something you excel at in your job?

My strong background in semiconductor device physics, characterization, and process technology helps me to effectively identify the process technology nodes for our next automotive products. My team spirit and my ability to manage up, influence and inspire cross-functional teams, internally and externally, has helped me lead. I’m always looking for potential risks and proactively finding solutions to prevent them from impact our products. 

What interests you outside of work? 

I am passionate about increasing the voice and the representation of women in STEM. I currently serve as president of Qwomen, an employee network that aims to inspire a diverse organization by providing opportunities to encourage leadership, mentorship and career development for women at Qualcomm and our global communities. 

As president, I am interested in attracting more women to Qualcomm and in helping them grow their careers. I’m also involved in working with girls to get them interested in technology and computing. My favorite program, which I co-lead, is called The SMART Mentorship. We pair female mentees with Qualcomm mentors and leaders and provide them with workshops to develop their soft skills. We talk about leadership, self-advocacy, career management, and building relationships. Watching these women grow and enjoy their jobs is heartwarming! 

What are you trying to improve on? 

I am very passionate about my work, so I often have high expectations of others and can sometimes put too much pressure on people. I am also trying to give myself more credit by acknowledging my achievements and owning my success.

What’s the one career move you’re most proud of? 

I am very happy and proud of the choices I’ve made so far. I left my native Morocco when I was 18 to study and explore in France, and then moved to the U.S. to work on the most advanced semiconductor technologies at QTI.

What do you love most about Qualcomm? 

I am extremely passionate about the role technology has played over time in improving human lives. Qualcomm is all about innovation and pioneering new technologies that make consumer experiences more immersive. We dream, we invent, we deliver!

What’s your best advice for women who are conducting their own job search?

Apply for the job you like even if you don’t meet all the requirements. During the interview, be bold and present and ask questions about the job, the team, and the company.

What qualities do you look for in a boss?

A good boss is inclusive, trusting, and present — but doesn’t micromanage. Someone who stands up for their team!

What’s the most memorable career advice you’ve received?

Never get complacent. Always seek to increase your scope, and ask yourself what you bring to the table.


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