QUIZ: How Unpopular are Your Work Wardrobe Opinions?

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The workplace is changing — and so are our expectations of how we should interact with it. 

Just a few decades ago, women were required to wear heels and skirts to work. Now, today’s female workforce wears everything from pantsuits to blue jeans to shift dresses. While this change is nice because, well, personal liberty is always a great thing, it can also be confusing. 

What’s acceptable to wear at work? What is really not, in the eyes of colleagues who may express themselves differently? And should we still be judging each other based on something like our clothes and makeup? It is 2019, after all.

Well, I don’t have all the answers. But together, we might have enough opinions to draw a chalk line. How popular (or unpopular) are your work wardrobe opinions? Complete these polls to find out.

And just an expression-positive reminder: your clothing opinions don’t have to be popular. If what you’re wearing works for you and your employer, keep it up! 

How unpopular are your work wardrobe opinions? Were you shocked by the results of any of these polls? Share your thoughts in the comments or on the FGB Community. 

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