QUIZ: Plan Your Dream Vacation and We'll Tell You Your Work Personality

Happy woman on the water


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Picture this: it's Monday morning — ugh
But instead of waking up to your 5 A.M. alarm, hustling to the office in the freezing cold and sitting through a droning 10 A.M. weekly meeting, you sleep in... until 11 A.M. And when you wake up, you wake up between two crisp, pearl white sheets on a perfectly firm bed. There's a knock on your door, so you slip on the plush slippers next to your bed and walk over. Someone left breakfast on a tray. There's fresh orange juice. 
Everyone has a dream vacation. It might sound like the one above (because, you know, I have great taste). But the best thing about your dream vacation is that it's perfectly you. How you play says a lot about how your work, and this quiz will help you decode it all. 

Click below to take the quiz. 

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