QUIZ: What's Your Work Personality Based on Your Coffee Order?

Young women drinking coffee


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You wake up in the morning. It's 5:00 AM and you were up way too late worried about some deliverable that your boss has been on you about all week. You should go on a run, but you're pretty sure that your legs are going to fall off after that pilates class you tried out last week. Ehh, you're going to run anyway. Ouch. The only thing you're looking forward to today is your sweet, sweet morning coffee... or latte... or frappuccino with double chocolate chips and white chocolate and the skim milk you throw in for comedic effect. 
Everyone has a daily coffee order. Or maybe your coffee order is that you don't have a coffee order at all. Either way, the way you spend your morning coffee run says a lot about the way you spend your day at work. This quiz will help you decode it all. 

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