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Making the decision to change careers is no easy feat. Jumping into the unknown can be intimidating. You can't be sure if you'll enjoy the new career better than your current one, and you may be worried that you'll shoot yourself in the foot if you end up disliking it.

But the reality is that nothing has to be permanent, and sometimes taking a chance on an opportunity is worth the risk. Take it from Nina Semczuk, head of SEO content here at Fairygodboss. Nina reached out to the FGB community to ask FGBers all about their many career changes, just like hers.

"For those afraid to change careers, let's list the job titles/positions we've held throughout our careers for inspiration... I've been (in order) a: ice cream server, Dunkin Donuts barista, roller rink snack bar server, floater staff at a holistic institute, Harvard University guinea pig, ice arena changeover crew, day camp counselor, ROTC cadet, Army officer, street vendor, yoga teacher, Crossfit coach, startup intern, freelance writer, writing teacher, personal finance editor/writer, career writer, head of SEO content at Fairygodboss!"

FGBers are now posting their own career changes throughout the years, showing how much each and every one of them has grown. Some of them have similar experiences, while others experiences are all across the map.

"Hm, love this! Let's see... I think it's been babysitter, hostess, server, marketing intern, team lead, manager, student, freelancer," writes Tatiana.

"Love this! I'm sure I'm forgetting something, but here goes: Hostess at Sushi restaurant, assistant lacrosse coach, inventory specialist at clothing store, marketing coordinator at a community center, server at a burger joint, assistant teacher at a school in Spain, community coordinator at a local hot kitchen program, account manager at a mobile app start-up, customer success at Fairygodboss, program manager at Fairygodboss," shares Casey Coffman.
"In order: Cafeteria staff, teacher's assistant, admin assistant, retail worker, adjunct professor and tutor, employment specialist and job trainer, graduate assistant researcher and instructor, project coordinator, resume writer," says Johanna Tatlow.
"Babysitter, travel agency admin, deli worker, kids art party host, art museum receptionist, event planning intern, fashion content administrator, media manager, digital content coordinator," shares Jen Holsman.
FGBers are feeling inspired by the diversity in everyone's experiences.
"Fun game! I love seeing everyone's different path to where they are now. Here's mine... Sales associate at the mall, daycare attendant at a church, journalist at the university paper, marketing intern for an engineering firm, marketing/clerk for Army Family Services , stay at home mom, freelance writer, marketing/outreach coordinator for a tech company, tech support, tech support specialist, CX and support manager, technical Writer."
"I loooove this! I've been a homework helper, summer camp  floater, food server, writing colleague, middle school writing teacher, elementary school special education teacher, editorial fellow, gallery attendant, staff writer, private tutor, copyeditor and SEO and editorial associate at Fairygodboss!"
Some FGBers are even chiming in to share just how important it is to take chances, even if they're scary at times.
"One of my favorite quotes just popped up in my memories this morning, and it's totally relevant," says Boho_Bonnie. "'When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be,' Lao Tzu. It's so easy to get comfortable and so scary to risk it all for change. But if you have that nagging voice in your head telling you that you were meant for something else, telling you you were meant for more — you owe it to yourself, and the world, to listen."
The moral of the story: Everyone's journeyed down their own unique career paths, and every decision they've made and every job they've taken has lead them to where they are. So whether this next job is your dream job or not, it's, at the very least, a step in the direction of figuring it all out!

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