7 Really Good Reasons to Keep Job Searching During Coronavirus, According to Hiring Managers

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You might assume that companies aren't hiring right now while we all navigate the COVID-19 crisis together, and that any attempts to find a new job are, for now, best put on hold. It's true that, for many organizations, hiring has been temporarily suspended. But many more companies may really need your help during these tough times when staff is sick and there's a need to introduce new products, services or ways of doing things to get through the pandemic.

That's why you should absolutely still consider sending in applications during the coronavirus pandemic (so long, it stands to be noted, as you're doing so in a way that prioritizes the health of yourself and others). We asked hiring managers to explain why it's important to continue job hunting at this time, and here's what they had to say...

1. A lot of companies can offer you stability during these tough times.

"I’d urge job seekers to continue approaching firms regarding opportunities," says Kim Allcott of Allcott Associates, a nationwide firm of chartered surveyors in England that's been advertising four roles since the outbreak of the virus. "Companies that are still hiring during COVID-19 are those that are confident they can cope with crises and, therefore, offer stability. Applicants may need to be prepared to conduct Skype interviews instead of having face-to-face meetings, and may also need to accept that the process will take longer than usual. However, in our industry, and I’m sure in many others, there is a skills deficit. So, if you have something special to offer, a company would be foolish to ignore an application and miss out on your talent."

2. Many companies have not stopped hiring.

"Hopefully, COVID-19 is a short-term issue," says William Taylor, the career development manager at VelvetJobs with over 12 years’ experience in career advising, coaching and recruitment. "Most of the employers I know have not stopped hiring. So don’t hold off on sending your resume or reaching out directly to the employer. I think you may find good results since others competing for the same job may shut down their job search during this crisis. Remember, interviews will most likely be phone or video."

We’re navigating the new normal, together. Join us for support.

3. Hiring managers have more time to sift through resumes.

"Hiring Managers who work remotely now have less of a commute, and this free time can now be spent giving more attention to resumes and advancing the hiring process," says Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart:HR, an HR outsourcing and consulting company for US-based small businesses and startups. "There are still companies hiring! In fact, some industries have seen an increased demand for talent in order to respond to COVID-19's impact on demand for their products and services... You only score when you shoot your shot! If you stop applying for jobs, there's one guarantee: you won't get a new one. So stay positive, and get in the game."

4. You'll ideally have less competition right now.

"People are more concerned about staying healthy rather than finding a job," says Anh Trinh, managing editor of GeekWithLaptop. "This means that you’ll have less competition when it comes to the hiring process, so you may have a higher chance of getting a job during the coronavirus outbreak. You also need to know that a lot of companies are hiring despite the pandemic."

5. Some jobs will become ever-more necessary.

"New business opportunities arise in times of crisis, as some jobs will be more in demand thanks to the outbreak," Trinh continued. "Jobs that require workers to deliver and transport goods and food are going to be in demand, so you can expect a higher rate of pay from these jobs, as well, considering the risk of contraction. Likewise, online jobs have become more and more popular ever since the spread of the coronavirus. If you have some skills that are highly in demand like video editing, social media advertising, writing, etc., I highly advise searching for a job online.  A lot of companies and organizations want to spread their message during the coronavirus updates, and they need someone like you to help make their messages."

6. Remote companies need workers.

"As someone who’s hired and managed his own team for quite some time now, I believe that I have enough authority to say that job seekers shouldn’t hesitate to apply for jobs during the outbreak," says Mike Richards, founder of Golf Einstein. "Remote companies like us need team members from different time zones to make sure that our business stays afloat 24/7, and now that not every team has taken fewer work hours, it’s more than helpful to find new candidates that can work during the hours forfeited by the other members."

7. Many companies need to keep on keepin' on.

"Working from home does not mean that any momentum on hiring should be lost," says Josh Brenner, CEO of Vettery. "We are fortunate to live in an age where we can leverage video interviewing and basically have the same experience you'd have as if you were in person. Companies indeed may have to operate fully remote, but it's imperative that hiring and recruitment teams are able to move candidates through the process. If a company slows down, they are likely to miss out on great talent and have business impact associated with not filling the position."

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