Report: Creating Gender Equality at Work in 2019

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As the largest career community for women, Fairygodboss engages with millions of career-minded women. As a result, we’ve developed keen insights into what the women in our community are experiencing at work. Using our anonymous employee reviews, community discussions and proprietary research, we know what is driving satisfaction among female employees and how employers can create workplace cultures that women rave about.

Every year, we look at the information we receive from the women in our community and have been able to draw correlations between job satisfaction and leave benefits, salary, race, flexibility and, most importantly, gender equality. 

In analyzing the data, we’ve identified four key ways employers and employees can work together to foster inclusive work environments and help advance gender equality:

  1. Invest in Employee Resource Groups

  2. Advocate for Women

  3. Evaluate Promotions and Hiring Practices

  4. Practice What You Preach

Download the report here.