9 Resume Phrases That Make You Seem Powerful

9 Resume Phrases That Make You Seem Powerful


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July 23, 2024 at 8:48PM UTC
Writing a resume takes time and effort. While you should always tailor your resume to the job at hand, there are some universal phrases that will always make you come across as powerful.
Be sure to mirror some of the specific language in the advertisement of the job for which you're applying, and also sprinkle in some of these bold phrases. If you do both of those well, your resume will certainly stand out among the rest.

1. "Communicate clearly and concisely..."

Regardless of the type of job for which you're applying, communication skills are going to be key. After all, every company in every industry needs employees who can communicate well with each other, as well as with customers and clients. 

2. "Make decisions with confidence..."

Again, all companies, regardless of industry, are going to seek employees who have confidence in their abilities and decisions. Strong decision-making skills indicate a potential leader, and that's going to help set you apart from all of the followers who are applying for the job.

3. "Keen eye for detail..."

Whether you're applying for a job as an editor, applying for an accounting position or applying for something else entirely, you're going to need to have a keen eye for detail. The little things can easily be overlooked, and hiring managers are going to want to know that you're conscious of them.

4. "Respectful of deadlines..."

It doesn't matter if you're working on a massive campaign involving high-profile clients or you're submitting a daily report that only goes to one or two people — being cognizant of deadlines is hugely important. Without an ability to adhere to deadlines, you can derail everyone else's workflow, too.

5. "Strong problem-solving skills..."

Problem-solving skills are going to serve you well in any position for any company in any industry. The reality is that, at some point in your career, you're going to face some challenges — some tougher than others. Hiring managers know that these things happen, so they want to bring aboard people who are prepared to tackle these challenges and can work well under pressure.

6. "Uniquely qualified..."

Do you have a special skill or educational background that can serve as your unique selling point? Maybe you're applying for a position as a writer for a diving magazine, and you're uniquely qualified because you are a certified professional diver with a dual degree in marine biology and journalism. Whatever it is that separates you from the rest, hone in on it.

7. "Easily adaptable..."

While a highly trained candidate is definitely attractive, companies also want to know that the person they hire isn't going to be stuck in their ways. Being easily adaptable with an open mind about new ways of doing things is important.

8. "Collaborative team member..."

Even if you're applying for a job that requires you to do most of your work in solitude, ultimately, you're part of a larger team: the company. You want to let the hiring manager reading your resume know that you are prepared to work with others and can do so well. You know how to collaborate, ask for help, lift others up and capitalize on each other's strengths.

9. "Respectful of others..."

Respect is the glue to all workplaces. No company would get anywhere close to success without a team of employees who have respect for one another. Diversity and inclusion is important to bring fresh ideas and different perspectives into workplaces — and understanding that, as well as encouraging it, will help propel the company forward. 

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