Rewriting The Code For Women In Tech: A Conversation With PwC


Jessica Fong, Arpitha Shetty, and Romy Newman


May 23, 2024 at 12:28PM UTC
2017 has been an at-times rocky year for women in tech, thanks to a certain anti-diversity memo and its fallout, not to mention continued headlines of the sexism that plagues Silicon Valley. In this kind of environment, what can we do to make careers in tech more accesible and friendly to women?
It turns out that the folks over at PwC have been making serious headway in answering that very question. On Friday (October 27), Fairygodboss Co-founder Romy Newman sat down with PwC's Jessica Fong, an Application Technology Consultant, and Arpitha Shetty, Director of User Experience, to chat about their career paths and what makes PwC a prime spot for women to grow their tech careers.
Watch the full conversation below!


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