Sharing My Story on Fairygodboss Helped Me Land My Dream Role — Here’s How

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Eraina Ferguson629
Founder of My Good Life
June 19, 2024 at 10:51PM UTC

Despite having two master's degrees, I was not entirely sure I would ever enter the workforce again. When I became a mom 21 years ago to a special needs child, my life changed forever. After completing college and moving two New York to become a teacher, I had a unique opportunity to embark on a career. Over the years, between one-year opportunities to work full time, I had to take a break to make sure my deaf daughter had everything she needed with an autism diagnosis. When I married my husband in 2012, I hoped to enter the workforce again, but several children later, my hopes were delayed yet also by my daughters' birth, each two years apart.

As the mom of four, all I could do was dream and put myself on freelance projects as a content writer, attend professional tech conferences, and build a career from the ground up. I even invested in a coach, who suggested I write about my dream job. Though I appreciated the LinkedIn platform, I was intimidated and craved a safe space for women in the mid-career transition phase who were also looking for great companies to join. 

When I stumbled upon Fairygodboss, I leaned in, knowing that setting up a profile and making connections would change my life.

I believe in the importance of sharing your story. I wrote a transparent article in 2019 about my dream job and how I would finally feel about going to work every day. A year later, when a female-led digital marketing firm reached out for an interview, I was thrilled. Even though 800,000 people were leaving the workforce, I knew it was now or never. I was enthusiastic about the possibility of being a copywriter and creating content as my day job. Despite being a stay-at-home mom, I curated three TEDx events and wrote over 300 articles about parenting, lifestyle and the quest for a good life despite my circumstances. The interview was successful, and before the call ended, my future employer told me about an article they had written that impressed her. It was the Fairygodboss article about my dream job. I was floored. Everything came together, in time, in a way that I could have never dreamed of. Olly Olly is a fantastic company. It is the perfect combination of small business, meets tech, and excellent graphic design that connects to our customers. I am a part of a skilled copywriting team led by a great boss who teaches me something new every day. 

More than anything, I am overwhelmed with gratitude that their co-founder Elisabeth Spencer, a brilliant visionary with a knack for connecting with the client's zeal for hard work, saw something in me. Perhaps it was because as a wife and mother herself, she could see the potential and the trajectory of my experience. Maybe she saw my passion for connecting and hoped my skills and education would fuse to create the right combination for their team. Whatever her premise, I am forever grateful to their team and Fairygodboss for allowing me to share my authentic story to inspire other women to never give up on their dream job. 

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