Should Botox be a Social Norm? Women Weigh In

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Leah Thomas
Leah Thomas866
May 28, 2024 at 2:51PM UTC

A company called Alchemy43 is looking to become the “Drybar of Botox." They hope to put shops dedicated to quick botox injections around America, making the procedure accessible and "normal." One woman wrote to our Community to ask other FGB’ers their thoughts on the concept.

“Has anyone heard about Alchemy43? Apparently, they’re aiming to be good at one thing: face injectables. I don’t know how I feel about it. What are your thoughts? Should botox be the new norm? Can we just go back to the natural days? Has normalizing cosmetic injections really become a huge part of society?”

The post generated a large number of responses across the aisle. 

Some posters don't mind the idea of normalizing botox, while others think the idea is dangerous.

“Honestly, I'm obsessed with botox,” one anonymous woman wrote. “I always wonder if it's obvious that I got it done though because I'm so used to the way I look now. I get it done every quarter. It's pricey... but worth it for me.”

Another user claimed she is against botox.

“I like the lines I have. They are me. My life has consisted of tough times (thus the lines on my forehead) and many smiles (thus lots of little smile wrinkles by my eyes)," she said. "It's like everything else with aging — it adds character and makes us all unique. And honestly, when I see 60-70 year old actresses with overly-enhanced faces, lips, etc., I just shake my head. Natural beauty is so much better.”

One woman declared that judgment should be eliminated from cosmetic procedures.

“I love the idea, and I'm personally not opposed to botox. I want to do it, but can't justify the cost. I think we can need to remove the judgment from things like this. As my mom would say: ‘that's why they make Coke and Dr. Pepper.' Do what's going to make you feel like your best self!”

And another commented the way her health has benefited from botox.

“I've been getting botox for a couple years now. I have a slight facial tremor that botox has been very effective in treating,” she wrote. “I was adamant about not having a ‘frozen face’ as my children were small when I started, and my clinician was very sensitive to that. I don't have to get it as often as I did when I started. [It has] eliminated the facial tremors which were distracting and has probably held off some fine lines in the process.”

A few other women highlighted the safety concerns with botox injections.

One FGB’er, a pharmacy professional, stressed the importance of doing your own research before making a decision.

“There could be consequences down the road from using a drug that we don't know about yet. If someone chooses to use Botox, they should know all the risks involved. Not all of the beauty clinics are telling the whole story because they make a lot of money off it. Do your own research and be informed!”

And we agree. As with any procedures, you should always research the best practitioners, as well as the potential risks of treatments.

Have a question of your own? Reach out to our Community to see what other FGB'ers think. 

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